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I've just done some heapshot analysis with Instruments and it appears that the following method is growing the heap

AFURLConnectionOperation.m 540 (self.responseData)

- (void)connectionDidFinishLoading:(NSURLConnection *)__unused connection {
    self.responseData = [self.outputStream propertyForKey:NSStreamDataWrittenToMemoryStreamKey];

    [self.outputStream close];

    [self finish];

    self.connection = nil;

Does anyone have the same issue? When does self.responseData gets deallocated?


It's released in AFURLConnectionOperation's dealloc. Is it possible you're retaining it somewhere else? You should be able to see all the places it's retained and released with Instruments.


When loading a lot of data, AFNetworking will often make a lot of allocations that may stick around for a while. They look like a leak, but they're just operating on a longer timeline.

@tewha is correct about where that's released. Try running the static analyzer to see if you're perhaps retaining or copying the operation or its responseData property somewhere along the way.

That said, If you can demonstrate a memory leak with a reproducible test case, I'd love to see it. Thanks!

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As I re-learned last night, after identifying a memory leak with Instruments, the best way to find it is to read code and think about what it's doing. Look for where you're using the responseData. It's probably being assigned to something (maybe even through several levels of indirection) which isn't releasing it properly. Just follow it around and think about what it's doing. I bet it'll jump right out.


Thanks guys for the quick response.

I agree that more evidence is needed, I'll have to investigate it further.

By the way, I implemented a AFHTTPClient singleton as in the AFTwitterAPIClient example so there's no retaining of the AFURLConnectionOperation (plus the project has ARC).


Any chance you're leaking the responseObject from the success half of setCompletionBlockWithSuccess:failure:? That's the same object.


Don't think so, I'm just getting the root key and that object is never used again.

@crfeliz crfeliz referenced this issue in RestKit/RestKit Feb 8, 2014

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