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File upload doesn't use file name #98

zachwaugh opened this Issue Nov 1, 2011 · 5 comments

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When uploading a file with - (void)appendPartWithFileData:(NSData *)data mimeType:(NSString *)mimeType name:(NSString *)name, it replaces the actual name of the file with a name based on the current time and mime type

NSString *fileName = [[NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@-%d", name, [[NSDate date] hash]] stringByAppendingPathExtension:[mimeType lastPathComponent]];

I can see the benefit of this on iOS, when uploading something like a photo that might not have a real file name, but in general, I would want the actual file name to be sent with the upload. Also, it be really nice to have mime type automatically detected as well.

mattt commented Nov 1, 2011

Previously, AFMultipartFormData did have the method - (void)appendPartWithFile:mimeType:fileName:error:, but I pulled it because it was being confused with the file data version. But yeah—thanks for your suggestion. I'll tinker around to figure out the best way to add that functionality.


Thanks! Currently converting my app from ASI to AFNetworking, and loving it so far.

For that API, I'd love a convenience method like - (void)appendPartWithFile:(NSString *)path name:(NSString *)name that automatically figured out the mime type and file name, and pulled the NSData object from the file. Maybe that calls a lower-level method like this, for when you need complete control:

- (void)appendPartWithFileData:(NSData *)data fileName:(NSString *)fileName mimeType:(NSString *)mimeType name:(NSString *)name

If mime type is nil, automatically detect it. If fileName is nil, create it like the current method. That be the best of both worlds (for me at least).

@mattt mattt added a commit that referenced this issue Nov 7, 2011
@mattt mattt [Issue #98] Adding AFHTTPClient -appendPartWithFileURL:name:error:
Changing -appendPartWithFileData:mimeType:name: to -appendPartWithFileData:name:fileName:mimeType:
mattt commented Nov 7, 2011

9a91afe Adds - (void)appendPartWithFileURL:(NSURL *)fileURL name:(NSString *)name error:(NSError **)error, which should do pretty much exactly what you were looking for (I hope). I also changed the other file data method to take a filename argument, rather than auto-generating one. Let me know how that works for you!


Thanks, those methods are exactly what I was looking for. Just tried it out and worked perfectly.

mattt commented Nov 9, 2011

Awesome! So glad to hear it. Thanks for opening this issue—really glad to have this new method in there.

@mattt mattt closed this Nov 9, 2011
@egrim egrim pushed a commit to egrim/AFNetworking that referenced this issue Sep 18, 2012
@mattt mattt [Issue #98] Adding AFHTTPClient -appendPartWithFileURL:name:error:
Changing -appendPartWithFileData:mimeType:name: to -appendPartWithFileData:name:fileName:mimeType:
@greghe greghe pushed a commit to skillz/AFNetworking that referenced this issue Sep 3, 2015
@mattt mattt [Issue #98] Adding AFHTTPClient -appendPartWithFileURL:name:error:
Changing -appendPartWithFileData:mimeType:name: to -appendPartWithFileData:name:fileName:mimeType:
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