don't allow caching with secure (https) connections. #292

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I'm not sure this is the right behavior. HTTPS does not inherently imply anything about the content being transported over the wire.

It's more common on browsers, where an entire site (including its assets) are served over https, so as to be secure, while also avoiding the dreaded mixed protocol warning in the browser. As for APIs, HTTPS is a bit more exotic, but when it is used, it doesn't necessarily signify anything that should change cacheing behavior. In cases where this is a problem, I think between the cacheing callback block property on operations, and setting the right cache policy, it's simple enough to override this behavior as necessary.


Fair enough. I didn't spend to much time thinking about it, just saw that in the Apple docs and figured it might be a good idea.


No worries. Thanks for keeping AFN in your mind as you read through that :)

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