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UIButton+AFNetworking #822

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devxoul commented Feb 23, 2013

This category adds methods to the UIKit framework's UIButton class. The methods in this category provide support for loading remote images and background images asynchronously from a URL.

mattt commented Feb 27, 2013

Thanks for the patch, @devxoul. As it were, extended UIKit categories is a planned feature for AFNetworking 2.0, so I have a file looking a lot like what you submitted sitting in a local branch. I'm not quite ready to extract all of that into a new repository, but I'll be sure to merge in your contributions when it comes time. Great work!

mattt commented Jul 17, 2013

A UIButton+AFNetworking category has been implemented in the 2.0 branch. See 17e42c3.

@mattt mattt closed this Jul 17, 2013
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