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@kcharwood kcharwood released this · 4 commits to master since this release

2.6.0 (08-18-2015)
Released on Tuesday, August 18th, 2015. All issues associated with this milestone can be found using this filter.

Important Upgrade Notes
Please note the following API/project changes have been made:

  • iOS 6 support has now been removed from the podspec. Note that iOS 6 support has not been removed explicitly from the project, but it will be removed in a future update.
  • Full Certificate Chain Validation has been removed from AFSecurityPolicy. As discussed in #2744, there was no documented security advantage to pinning against an entire certificate chain. If you were using full certificate chain, please determine and select the most ideal certificate in your chain to pin against.
  • The request url will now be returned by the UIImageView category if the image is returned from cache. In previous releases, both the request and the response were nil. Going forward, only the response will be nil.
  • Support for App Extension Targets is now baked in using NS_EXTENSION_UNAVAILABLE_IOS. You no longer need to define AF_APP_EXTENSIONS in order to include code in a extension target.
  • This release now supports watchOS 2.0, which relys on target conditionals that are only present in Xcode 7 and iOS 9/watchOS 2.0/OS X 10.10. If you install the library using CocoaPods, AFNetworking will define these target conditionals for on older platforms, allowing your code to complile. If you do not use Cocoapods, you will need to add the following code your to PCH file.
  #define TARGET_OS_WATCH 0
  • This release migrates query parameter serialization to model AlamoFire and adhere to RFC standards. Note that / and ? are no longer encoded by default.

Note that support for NSURLConnection based API's will be removed in a future update. If you have not already done so, it is recommended that you transition to the NSURLSession APIs in the very near future.



  • Fixed a crash related for objects that observe notifications but don't properly unregister.
  • Fixed a race condition crash that occured with AFImageResponseSerialization.
  • Fixed an issue where tests failed to run on CI due to unavailable simulators.
  • Fixed "method override not found" warnings in Xcode 7 Betas
  • Removed Duplicate Import and UIKit Header file.
  • Removed the ability to include duplicate certificates in the pinned certificate chain.
  • Fixed potential memory leak in AFNetworkReachabilityManager.

Documentation Improvements

  • Clarified best practices for Reachability per Apple recommendations.
  • Added startMonitoring call to the Reachability section of the README
  • Fixed documentation error around how baseURL is used for reachability monitoring.
  • Numerous spelling corrections in the documentation.



@kcharwood kcharwood released this · 81 commits to master since this release

Released on 2015-05-14. All issues associated with this milestone can be found using this filter.


  • Updated the CI test script to run iOS tests on all versions of iOS that are installed on the build machine.


  • Fixed an issue where AFNSURLSessionTaskDidResumeNotification and AFNSURLSessionTaskDidSuspendNotification were not being properly called due to implementation differences in NSURLSessionTask in iOS 7 and iOS 8, which also affects the AFNetworkActivityIndicatorManager.
  • Fixed an issue where the OS X test linker would throw a warning during tests.
  • Fixed an issue where tests would randomly fail due to mocked objects not being cleaned up.


AFNetworking 2.5.3

@mattt mattt released this · 101 commits to master since this release

  • Add security policy tests for default policy
  • Add network reachability tests
  • Change validatesDomainName property to default to YES under all security policies
  • Fix NSURLSession subspec compatibility with iOS 6 / OS X 10.8
  • Fix leak of data task used in NSURLSession swizzling
  • Fix leak for observers from addObserver:...:withBlock:
  • Fix issue with network reachability observation on domain name


AFNetworking 2.5.2

@mattt mattt released this · 124 commits to master since this release

  • Add guards for unsupported features in iOS 8 App Extensions
  • Add missing delegate callbacks to UIWebView category
  • Add test and implementation of strict default certificate validation
  • Add #define for NS_DESIGNATED_INITIALIZER for unsupported versions of Xcode
  • Fix AFNetworkActivityIndicatorManager for iOS 7
  • Fix AFURLRequestSerialization property observation
  • Fix testUploadTasksProgressBecomesPartOfCurrentProgress
  • Fix warnings from Xcode 6.3 Beta
  • Fix AFImageWithDataAtScale handling of animated images
  • Remove AFNetworkReachabilityAssociation enumeration
  • Update to conditional use assign semantics for GCD properties based on OS_OBJECT_HAVE_OBJC_SUPPORT for better Swift support


AFNetworking 2.5.1

@mattt mattt released this · 146 commits to master since this release

  • Add NS_DESIGNATED_INITIALIZER macros. (Samir Guerdah)
  • Fix and clarify documentation for stringEncoding property. (Mattt Thompson)
  • Fix for NSProgress bug where two child NSProgress instances are added to a parent NSProgress. (Edward Povazan)
  • Fix incorrect file names in headers. (Steven Fisher)
  • Fix KVO issue when running testing target caused by lack of automaticallyNotifiesObserversForKey: implementation. (Mattt Thompson)
  • Fix use of variable arguments for UIAlertView category. (Kenta Tokumoto)
  • Fix genstrings warning for NSLocalizedString usage in UIAlertView+AFNetworking. (Adar Porat)
  • Fix NSURLSessionManager task observation for network activity indicator manager. (Phil Tang)
  • Fix UIButton category method caching of background image (Fernanda G. Geraissate)
  • Fix UIButton category method failure handling. (Maxim Zabelin)
  • Update multipart upload method requirements to ensure request.HTTPBody is non-nil. (Mattt Thompson)
  • Update to use builtin __Require macros from AssertMacros.h. (Cédric Luthi)
  • Update parameters parameter to accept id for custom serialization block. (@mooosu)


AFNetworking 2.5.0

@mattt mattt released this · 198 commits to master since this release

  • Add documentation for expected background session manager usage (Aaron Brager)
  • Add missing documentation for AFJSONRequestSerializer and AFPropertyListSerializer (Mattt Thompson)
  • Add tests for requesting HTTPS endpoints (Mattt Thompson)
  • Add init method declarations of AFURLResponseSerialization classes for Swift compatibility (Allen Rohner)
  • Change default User-Agent to use the version number instead of the build number (Tim Watson)
  • Change validatesDomainName to readonly property (Mattt Thompson, Brian King)
  • Fix checks when observing AFHTTPRequestSerializerObservedKeyPaths (Jacek Suliga)
  • Fix crash caused by attempting to set nil NSURLResponse -URL as key for userInfo dictionary (Elvis Nuñez)
  • Fix crash for multipart streaming requests in XPC services (Mattt Thompson)
  • Fix minor aspects of response serializer documentation (Mattt Thompson)
  • Fix potential race condition for AFURLConnectionOperation -description
  • Fix widespread crash related to key-value observing of NSURLSessionTask -state (Phil Tang)
  • Fix UIButton category associated object keys (Kristian Bauer, Mattt Thompson)
  • Remove charset parameter from Content-Type HTTP header field values for AFJSONRequestSerializer and AFPropertyListSerializer (Mattt Thompson)
  • Update CocoaDocs color scheme (@Orta)
  • Update Podfile to explicitly define sources (Kyle Fuller)
  • Update to relay downloadFileURL to the delegate if the manager picks a fileURL (Brian King)
  • Update AFSSLPinningModeNone to not validate domain name (Brian King)
  • Update UIButton category to cache images in sharedImageCache (John Bushnell)
  • Update UIRefreshControl category to set control state to current state of request (Elvis Nuñez)


AFNetworking 2.4.1

@mattt mattt released this · 256 commits to master since this release

  • Fix compiler warning generated on 32-bit architectures (John C. Daub)
  • Fix potential crash caused by failed validation with nil responseData (Mattt Thompson)
  • Fix to suppress compiler warnings for out-of-range enumerated type value assignment (Mattt Thompson)


AFNetworking 2.4.0

@mattt mattt released this · 262 commits to master since this release

  • Add CocoaDocs color scheme (Orta)
  • Add image cache to UIButton category (Kristian Bauer, Mattt Thompson)
  • Add test for success block on 204 response (Mattt Thompson)
  • Add tests for encodable and re-encodable query string parameters (Mattt Thompson)
  • Add AFHTTPRequestSerializer -valueForHTTPHeaderField: (Kyle Fuller)
  • Add AFNetworkingOperationFailingURLResponseDataErrorKey key to user info of serialization error (Yannick Heinrich)
  • Add imageResponseSerializer property to UIButton category (Kristian Bauer, Mattt Thompson)
  • Add removesKeysWithNullValues setting to serialization and copying (Jon Shier)
  • Change request and response serialization tests to be factored out into separate files (Mattt Thompson)
  • Change signature of success parameters in UIButton category methods to match those in UIImageView (Mattt Thompson)
  • Change to remove charset parameter from application/x-www-form-urlencoded content type (Mattt Thompson)
  • Change AFImageCache to conform to NSObject protocol ( Marcelo Fabri)
  • Change AFMaximumNumberOfToRecreateBackgroundSessionUploadTask to AFMaximumNumberOfAttemptsToRecreateBackgroundSessionUploadTask (Mattt Thompson)
  • Fix documentation error for NSSecureCoding (Robert Ryan)
  • Fix documentation for URLSessionDidFinishEventsForBackgroundURLSession delegate method (Mattt Thompson)
  • Fix expired ADN certificate in example project (Carson McDonald)
  • Fix for interoperability within Swift project (Stephan Krusche)
  • Fix for potential deadlock due to KVO subscriptions within a lock (Alexander Skvortsov)
  • Fix iOS 7 bug where session tasks can have duplicate identifiers if created from different threads (Mattt Thompson)
  • Fix iOS 8 bug by adding explicit synthesis for delegate of AFMultipartBodyStream (Mattt Thompson)
  • Fix issue caused by passing nil as body of multipart form part (Mattt Thompson)
  • Fix issue caused by passing nil as destination in download task method (Mattt Thompson)
  • Fix issue with AFHTTPRequestSerializer returning a request and silently handling an error from a queryStringSerialization block (Kyle Fuller, Mattt Thompson)
  • Fix potential issues by ensuring invalidateSessionCancelingTasks only executes on main thread (Mattt Thompson)
  • Fix potential memory leak caused by deferred opening of output stream (James Tomson)
  • Fix properties on session managers such that default values will not trump values set in the session configuration (Mattt Thompson)
  • Fix README to include explicit call to start reachability manager (Mattt Thompson)
  • Fix request serialization error handling in AFHTTPSessionManager convenience methods (Kyle Fuller, Lars Anderson, Mattt Thompson)
  • Fix stray localization macro (Devin McKaskle)
  • Fix to ensure connection operation -copyWithZone: calls super implementation (Chris Streeter)
  • Fix UIButton category to only cancel request for specified state (@xuzhe, Mattt Thompson)


AFNetworking 2.3.1

@mattt mattt released this · 322 commits to master since this release

  • Fix issue with unsynthesized streamStatus & streamError properties on AFMultipartBodyStream (Mattt Thompson)


AFNetworking 2.3.0

@mattt mattt released this · 325 commits to master since this release

  • Add check for AF_APP_EXTENSIONS macro to conditionally compile background method that makes API call unavailable to App Extensions in iOS 8 / OS X 10.10
  • Add further explanation for network reachability in documentation (Steven Fisher)
  • Add notification for initial change from AFNetworkReachabilityStatusUnknown to any other state (Jason Pepas, Sebastian S.A., Mattt Thompson)
  • Add tests for AFNetworkActivityIndicatorManager (Dave Weston, Mattt Thompson)
  • Add tests for AFURLSessionManager task progress (Ullrich Schäfer)
  • Add attemptsToRecreateUploadTasksForBackgroundSessions property, which attempts Apple's recommendation of retrying a failed upload task if initial creation did not succeed (Mattt Thompson)
  • Add completionQueue and completionGroup properties to AFHTTPRequestOperationManager (Robert Ryan)
  • Change serialization tests to be split over two different files (Mattt Thompson)
  • Change to make NSURLSession subspec not depend on NSURLConnection subspec (Mattt Thompson)
  • Change to make Serialization subspec not depend on NSURLConnection subspec (Nolan Waite, Mattt Thompson)
  • Change completionHandler of application:handleEventsForBackgroundURLSession:completion: to be run on main thread (Padraig Kennedy)
  • Change UIImageView category to accept any object conforming to AFURLResponseSerialization, rather than just AFImageResponseSerializer (Romans Karpelcevs)
  • Fix calculation and behavior of NSProgress (Padraig Kennedy, Ullrich Schäfer)
  • Fix deprecation warning for backgroundSessionConfiguration: in iOS 8 / OS X 10.10 (Mattt Thompson)
  • Fix implementation of copyWithZone: in serializer subclasses (Chris Streeter)
  • Fix issue in Xcode 6 caused by implicit synthesis of overridden NSStream properties (Clay Bridges, Johan Attali)
  • Fix KVO handling for NSURLSessionTask on iOS 8 / OS X 10.10 (Mattt Thompson)
  • Fix KVO leak for NSURLSessionTask (@Zyphrax)
  • Fix potential crash caused by attempting to use non-existent error of failing requests due to URLs exceeding a certain length (Boris Bügling)
  • Fix to check existence of uploadProgress block inside a referencing dispatch_async to avoid potential race condition (Kyungkoo Kang)
  • Fix UIImageView category race conditions (Sunny)
  • Remove unnecessary default operation response serializer setters (Mattt Thompson)


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