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a simple, but cool task of a Data Analyst
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Step 1 - Data Collecting
Step 2 - Data Transfering
Step 3 - Data Preprocessing
Step 4 - Data Visualizing

Whenever there is an SSH, there is a way

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This Repo, is about demonstrating a little bit about my new challenges which I faced in Huawei Technologies
As a Data Analyst. Demontration video can be found at here.

Implemented solution is separated into 4 major steps:

  1. Making an efficient way for collecting data from a nested SSH connection by taking advantage of python's web scraping libraries and a web-based SSH client.
  2. Transfer and load the collected data in data-warehouse/Local-Disk
  3. Data preprocess and re-framing (aggregation)
  4. Representing the result using Tableau

Also you can fine more descriptive information via this link.

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