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Welcome to the Documentation page for my Data Products Course Project! Please see below for directions on how to use my app, as well as details on how the app works.


The point of the app is to help users gain an intuition for just how large various landmasses are on our planet. It does this by comparing everyday objects to these landmasses and calculating how many of those units could fit in a given landmass. In some cases you might be surprised at how small the number is, and in other cases at how large.


There are two inputs for the app: 1) The landmass. This is chosen from a dropdown list of all landmasses on Earth whose surface area exceeds 10,000 square feet. 2) The unit. This is chosen from a dropdown list of three different objects of varying sizes that are familiar to most people.

Simply choose an input for both landmass and unit, then click submit.


There are technically three outputs for this app, but the first two just reiterate what you inputs are. The main output is the third output, which is the numbers of units that could fit in a given landmass.

For example, when you input "Cuba" for the landmass and "Stadium" for the unit, the output is 1,198,771, which indicates that nearly 1.2 million stadiums could fit in Cuba. Hopefully, that gives you a better sense of just how large a island like Cuba really is.

Thanks for your time and consideration, and I hope you enjoy the app, simple as it is!


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