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To build git-crypt, you need:

Software Debian/Ubuntu package RHEL/CentOS package
Make make make
A C++11 compiler (e.g. gcc 4.9+) g++ gcc-c++
OpenSSL development files libssl-dev openssl-devel

To use git-crypt, you need:

Software Debian/Ubuntu package RHEL/CentOS package
Git 1.7.2 or newer git git
OpenSSL openssl openssl

Note: Git 1.8.5 or newer is recommended for best performance.

Building git-crypt


make install

To install to a specific location:

make install PREFIX=/usr/local

Or, just copy the git-crypt binary to wherever is most convenient for you.

Building The Man Page

To build and install the git-crypt(1) man page, pass ENABLE_MAN=yes to make:

make ENABLE_MAN=yes
make ENABLE_MAN=yes install

xsltproc is required to build the man page. Note that xsltproc will access the Internet to retrieve its stylesheet unless the Docbook stylesheet is installed locally and registered in the system's XML catalog.

Building A Debian Package

Debian packaging can be found in the 'debian' branch of the project Git repository. The package is built using git-buildpackage as follows:

git checkout debian
git-buildpackage -uc -us

Installing On Mac OS X

Using the brew package manager, simply run:

brew install git-crypt

Experimental Windows Support

git-crypt should build on Windows with MinGW, although the build system is not yet finalized so you will need to pass your own CXX, CXXFLAGS, and LDFLAGS variables to make. Additionally, Windows support is less tested and does not currently create key files with restrictive permissions, making it unsuitable for use on a multi-user system. Windows support will mature in a future version of git-crypt. Bug reports and patches are most welcome!