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PawnPlus extensions and helpers for the MySQL plugin
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PawnPlus extensions and helpers for the MySQL plugin


Simply install to your project:

sampctl package install AGraber/pawn-plus-mysql

Include in your code and begin using the library:

#include <pp-mysql>

It is recommended that you set a PawnPlus version explicitely on your pawn.json (preferibly the latest) to avoid always downloading the latest one.

If you don't use sampctl, just download the include and drop it to your includes/ folder, and then download the PawnPlus plugin and include from here.

While you're on it and if you don't use PawnPlus yet, you should check it out!


All existing mysql_[t/p]query now have a variant that accepts PawnPlus strings, ending with _s (for example, mysql_tquery_s).

In addition, a new member arrives into the family of these natives: mysql_aquery[_s], which returns a task that will be set as completed when the query completes successfully, or fault when there's an error during its execution.

Note that mysql_aquery[_s] will piggyback on mysql_tquery by default. You can override this and use mysql_tquery by setting the parallel parameter at the end to true, or explicitly change this default value by defining MYSQL_ASYNC_DEFAULT_PARALLEL to you desired value.


Using PawnPlus strings on natives

public OnPlayerTookAllCandies(playerid)
	mysql_tquery_s(DatabaseHandle, @("UPDATE player SET took_candies = UNIX_TIMESTAMP() WHERE id = ") % GetPlayerDBID(playerid));

Task-based asynchronous queries:

	await mysql_aquery_s(DatabaseHandle, @("SELECT * FROM player WHERE id = ") % GetPlayerDBID(playerid), .parallel = false);
	// Cache functions will be available after this
	cache_get_value_name_float(0, "health", PlayerHealth[playerid]);
	// ...
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