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Task-based SA-MP dialogs
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Async dialog handling with PawnPlus tasks.


Simply install to your project:

sampctl package install AGraber/samp-async-dialogs

Include in your code and begin using the library:

#include <async-dialogs>

It is recommended that you set a PawnPlus version explicitely on your pawn.json (preferibly the latest) to avoid always downloading the latest one.

If you don't use sampctl, just download the include and drop it to your includes/ folder, and then download the PawnPlus plugin and include from here.

While you're on it and if you don't use PawnPlus yet, you should check it out!


This include provides one single function

ShowPlayerAsyncDialog(playerid, style, const caption[], const info[], const button1[], const button2[])

This will show the dialog and await for the response, which will pause the current script's execution and return the yielded value to the last public function (or 0 if it wasn't set). When it's responded to, the response details will be inside the dialog_response[e_DIALOG_RESPONSE_INFO] array. If another dialog gets shown while awaiting, the Task will be discarded with any following code that was to be resumed.

Example command:

CMD:asyncdialog(playerid, params[])

	new dialog_response[e_DIALOG_RESPONSE_INFO];
	await_arr(dialog_response) ShowPlayerAsyncDialog(playerid, DIALOG_STYLE_LIST, "Example dialog", "This is listitem 0\nAnd this is one\nShow example nested dialog", "ok", "no");

		if(dialog_response[E_DIALOG_RESPONSE_Listitem] == 2)
			new other_dialog_response[e_DIALOG_RESPONSE_INFO];
			await_arr(other_dialog_response) ShowPlayerAsyncDialog(playerid, DIALOG_STYLE_MSGBOX, "Example nested dialog", "You will recieve a message\nwhichever your response is", "OK", "Yes");

			SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_WHITE, "You responded something to the example dialog");
			SendClientMessageEx(playerid, COLOR_WHITE, "Recieved: listitem = %d | inputtext = %s", dialog_response[E_DIALOG_RESPONSE_Listitem], dialog_response[E_DIALOG_RESPONSE_InputText]);
		SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_WHITE, "Bye!");


  • @IllidanS4 for PawnPlus, which allows this and even more awesome stuff
  • @TommyB123 for helping me test it out on a real environment
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