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Allow connections from previously incompatible SA-MP clients into newer or older servers allowing you to have players from 2 versions playing together without additional software

How is it done?

Reverse engineering of the SA-MP server executable was done to get the addresses from functions that process relevant packets, which are then hooked with subhook during the plugin's initialization, and packets from older clients are modified to match the structure of the target server version.

Supported versions:

  • 0.3.7-R2 (both R2-1 and R2-2): Supports clients from 0.3.DL
  • 0.3.DL: Supports clients from 0.3.7 (R1, R2, R3 and R4)


Simply install to your project:

sampctl package install AGraber/samp-compat

Optionally, include in your code:

#include <compat>


This repo took Southclaws' SA-MP plugin boilerplate, very detailed instructions of building can be found there.

Thanks to

  • SA-MP server structures provided by contributors of the YSF plugin: files containing this are governed by its MPL 1.1 license
  • Southclaws for his neat boilerplate
  • SA-MP Team for making versions incompatible for some reason, allowing me to release this plugin