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Build πŸ—οΈ, ship 🚒, and share πŸš€ awesome GenAI πŸ€– apps. With a community πŸ€—.


  1. LLM-Ops-Cohort-1 LLM-Ops-Cohort-1 Public

    Following emerging Large Language Model Operations (LLM Ops) best practices in the industry, you’ll learn all about the key technologies that enable Generative AI practitioners like you to leverage…

    Jupyter Notebook 193 59

  2. Awesome-AIM-Index Awesome-AIM-Index Public

    An index of all of our weekly concepts + code events for aspiring AI Engineers and Business Leaders!!

    30 5

  3. Beyond-ChatGPT Beyond-ChatGPT Public

    Building your first LLM application with OpenAI, Chainlit, and Hugging Face, step-by-step!

    Python 55 40

  4. Interactive-Dev-Environment-for-LLM-Development Interactive-Dev-Environment-for-LLM-Development Public

    Set up your local dev environment just like pro LLMOps practitioners.

    37 14

  5. Build-Your-Own-RAG-System Build-Your-Own-RAG-System Public

    This repository contains a toy implementation of a basic RAQA system.

    Jupyter Notebook 16 8

  6. Fine-tuning-LLM-Resources Fine-tuning-LLM-Resources Public

    A collection of fine-tuning notebooks!

    25 8


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