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Few-Shot Music Generation

Few-Shot Distribution Learning for Music Generation

  • Tagline: Learning a generative model for music data using a small amount of examples.
  • Date: December 2017
  • Category: Fundamental Research
  • Author(s): Hugo Larochelle, Chelsea Finn, Sachin Ravi

Project Status

  • Brainstorming for datasets phase: Currently collecting ideas for dataset collection for lyrics and MIDI data. See the Issues page for details.
  • Collecting actual data for lyrics and MIDI.
  • Decide and implement pre-processing scheme for data (specifically for MIDI).
  • Release training script and model API code.
  • Experiment with new models on both datasets.

Community Links

Problem description:

See Introduction section of the proposal.

Why this problem matters:

See Introduction section of the proposal.

How to measure success:

See Experiments section of the proposal.


See Datasets subsection of the proposal.

Relevant Work:

See Related Work section of the proposal.


  • Please begin by reading papers from the Reading List to familiarize yourself with work in this area.


Both the lyrics and freemidi data can be downloaded here. Place the raw-data directory in the home folder of the repository and make sure to unzip both .zip files in the data sub-directories.

For example, for the lyrics data, make sure in the given path the following files and directories exist:

ls Few-Shot-Music-Generation/raw-data/lyrics/
>> lyrics_data test.csv  train.csv  val.csv

Training Models

Sample run (check the different yaml files for different ways to run):

$ CONFIG=lyrics.yaml
$ MODEL=lstm_baseline.yaml
$ TASK=5shot.yaml
python -um train.train --data=config/${CONFIG} --model=config/${MODEL} --task=config/${TASK} --checkpt_dir=/tmp/fewshot/lstm_baseline

To view the tensorboard (only works for lstm_baseline.yaml model):

$ tensorboard --logdir=/tmp/fewshot

If you have any trouble running the code, please create an issue describing your problem.

Logging results

Please log all your results in this spreadsheet.