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audio msm8998: fix JamesDSP library Jan 3, 2019
audio_amplifier msm8998-common: audio: fix compile error with vndk enabled Feb 26, 2019
bluetooth msm8998: don't build bthost_ipc Aug 25, 2018
data-ipa-cfg-mgr msm8998-common: ipacm: Fix another memory leak Jan 18, 2019
doze msm8998: doze: switch to aicp intent Jan 18, 2019
ifaa msm8998-common: add IFAA for Alipay fingerprint support Jun 19, 2018
init msm8998-common: set project_name prop via init Mar 21, 2019
libhidl msm8998: Build a system version of android.hidl.base@1.0 for imsvt Sep 9, 2018
lineagehw/src/org/lineageos/hardware msm8998: update los overlays and hardware Jan 14, 2019
location msm8998: update gps Jan 4, 2019
overlay msm8998: enable statusBarBurnInProtection Apr 19, 2019
pocketmode msm8998: add back the old pocketmode Sep 24, 2018
power-libperfmgr power-libperfmgr: control dt2w from power hal Jan 18, 2019
prebuilt msm8998-common: Update ramdisk Mar 17, 2019
recovery msm8998: recovery: add missing quotes Sep 11, 2018
seccomp_policy msm8998: update blobs from 9.0 beta Jan 3, 2019
vndk msm8998-common: Disable vndk-sp creation for VNDK enabled targets. Feb 26, 2019
wifi-mac-generator msm8998: wifi-mac-generator: adapt for new persist mountpoint Jan 3, 2019
Android.bp msm8998: Remove camera provider HAL fork Apr 12, 2018 msm8998: Fix symlink for ims libs Jan 3, 2019 msm8998: build kernel with clang 9.0.2 Mar 28, 2019
aicp.dependencies msm8998: move nfc dependendcies to platform manifest Mar 26, 2019 msm8998-common: update props for wfd Mar 7, 2019
config.fs msm8998-common: remove gps hacks Feb 26, 2019
manifest.xml msm8998-common: Introduce power-libpermgr Jan 18, 2019
proprietary-files-qc.txt msm8998-common: use unmodified camera blobs Apr 15, 2019
proprietary-files.txt msm8998-common: Fix sepolicy for ifaa, add missing blobs Jan 23, 2019
recovery.fstab msm8998: Let's encrypt (FBE) Oct 9, 2018 msm8998: updater: check if vendor partition exists Aug 24, 2018 msm8998-common: update props for wfd Mar 7, 2019
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