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  • 2018-10-15 Markus Frank (PR#442)

    • DDCMS: Update to support namespaces
    • DDUpgrade test example for the LHCb upgrade
    • Fix nested detectors (in fact worked only for first level parents)
    • Add VolumeBuilder XML utility to work on XML-tree patterns
  • 2018-09-12 Hadrien Grasland (PR#437)

    • Remove if string equals ON/OFF in cmake IF statements and check default CMake truth values
  • 2018-08-20 Oleksandr Viazlo (PR#434)

    • DD4hep_Mask_o1_v01_geo
      • allow rotation around x-axis (instead of y)
      • phi1 and phi2 cone angles configurable from the xml-file
  • 2018-08-10 Markus Frank (PR#433)

    • Fix DDCMS example to use true namespace names rather than using "_"
      This should resolve issue #421
  • 2018-08-09 Markus Frank (PR#432)

    • Make the expression evaluator understand variable names with namespaces
      • Variable names containing a : or :: are now accepted by the expression evaluator. This is first step towars resolving #421
      • It has now to be seen what has to be done further. The DCMS example was not yet updated to use this feature.
    • Add new example in examples/ClientTests to test this functionality.
  • 2018-08-09 Andre Sailer (PR#429)

    • DDG4: add possibility to simulate all events in a file by passing NumberOfEvents < 0. Fixes #237
      • The de-facto limit is ~2 billion, which should be fine for input files.
  • 2018-08-08 Markus Frank (PR#430)

    • Fix HEPMC reader for unknown generator status codes
    • Update DDCodex example, feature imports from plain ROOT file
    • Allow debugging Geant4VolumeManager
  • 2018-08-07 Mircho Rodozov (PR#428)

  • 2018-08-06 Andre Sailer (PR#424)

    • CMake: Ensure proper tls flag (global-dynamic) for Geant4 build, added option DD4HEP_IGNORE_GEANT4_TLS to override the check. Closes #419
  • 2018-07-31 Andre Sailer (PR#420)

    • DDG4: Import the ddsim python program from https://github.com/iLCSoft/lcgeo
      For example:
      • ddsim --help
      • ddsim --dumpSteeringFile > mySteer.py
      • ddsim --steeringFile=mySteer.py --compactFile myDetector.xml

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  • 2018-07-02 Markus Frank (PR#418)

    • Add DDCodexB in standalone mode with simulation script and basic skeleton for DDEve
  • 2018-06-28 Markus Frank (PR#417)

    • Steer debug printouts in CondDB2DDDB and DDDB2Objects by parsing xml files.
  • 2018-06-26 Markus Frank (PR#416)

    • Separate the hit class and add dictionary. No base class - entirely independent.
    • Allow to save the hit class to ROOT (but without MC truth)
      See MyTrackerHit.h for details.
  • 2018-06-26 Markus Frank (PR#415)

    • Add small example how to specialize a new sensitive action and attach it to a detector in DDG4.
  • 2018-06-26 Frank Gaede (PR#414)

    • bug fix in Geant4EventReaderGuineaPig
      • fix ignoring input lines with 'nan'
  • 2018-06-26 Shaojun Lu (PR#412)

    • Added one more if statement: If the track went into new Volume,
      • then extracted the hit in previous Volume,
      • and start a new hit in this current Volume,
        • in this current process, also allow the same following treatments for the new hit.
  • 2018-06-21 Markus Frank (PR#409)

    • Support out-of-source builds of DD4hep examples.
      Comes with an expense: A new environment DD4hepExamplesINSTALL.
      has to be defined to support internal file accesses and loads.
      The builds were also checked with read-only installation directories.
      Solves issue #382
    • Smallish improvement to the ConditionsManager.
  • 2018-06-21 Andre Sailer (PR#408)

    • Cmake: fix for configuring with Geant4 with internal CLHEP, fixes #406
    • Cmake: fix for configuring with BUILD_TESTING=OFF, fixes #407
  • 2018-06-07 Markus Frank (PR#404)

    • Fix basic shape tests for PseudoTrap
  • 2018-06-07 Markus Frank (PR#403)

    • patch for truncated tubes shapes.
  • 2018-06-04 Markus Frank (PR#402)

    • Fix truncated tube shape
  • 2018-06-04 Markus Frank (PR#400)

    • Allow for world volumes other than boxes. See examples/ClientTests/compact/WorldVolume.xml how to set it up. The effective thing is that the top level volume must be set to the TGeoManager before Detector::init(). If a top level volume is set, it is implicitly assumed to be the world volume. Otherwise the already existing mechanism (box volume) is activated.
    • Add new basic shape tests.
  • 2018-06-01 Markus Frank (PR#399)

    • As discussed in issue #398 The use of TGeoUnits is inconvenient. The dd4hep units are now exposed in the python modules.
    • Basic shapes are now tested in the regular ctest executions. The mesh vertices of the shapes were
      saved to a reference file and are compared to in subsequent runs. The reference files reside in
      examples/ClienTests/ref. See examples/ClientTests/compact/Check_Shape_*.xml for details.
    • The ROOT UI and some dump plugins were enhanced to expose more information.
  • 2018-05-30 Markus Frank (PR#397)

    • Enable to start DDG4 using a saved detector description in a ROOT file.
      • Added corresponding test: Persist_CLICSiD_Geant4_LONGTEST
    • Fix shape constructors for Trap and PseudoTrap
    • The python module DD4hep.py is gone as discussed in the developers meeting use dd4hep.py instead.
      • on masOS : your "git pull" possibly deletes both files. you may have to checkout dd4hep.py again, due to fact that the filesystem is case-insensitive.
    • Add example for LHCb CODEX-b.
  • 2018-05-29 Markus Frank (PR#394)

    • Consistently handle cmake command line options in case no Geant4 or no documentation should be built.
  • 2018-05-28 Markus Frank (PR#393)

    • Improvements to geoPluginRun.
      $> geoPluginRun -ui -interactive
      results in DD4hep enabled ROOT prompt.
    • DD4hepUI: improvements to interact with DD4hep instance from ROOT prompt
    • DDDB improve configuration for printing and debugging
    • DDDB: allow to block certain XML branches
  • 2018-05-22 Frank Gaede (PR#389)

    • fix bug in input handling, for details see discussion #387
      • exclude leptons with zero lifetime from Geant4
  • 2018-05-22 Markus Frank (PR#388)

    • Update doxygen information for some undocumented classes.
    • Add licence header to files where not present.
  • 2018-05-22 Marko Petric (PR#380)

    • Update LICENSE to LGPLv3
      • The name of the file containing the LICENSE has ben changed from LICENCE->LICENSE as all source files reference For the licensing terms see $DD4hepINSTALL/LICENSE.
  • 2018-05-16 Markus Frank (PR#386)

    • Fix bug in variable order of ExtrudedPolygon (x<->y)
  • 2018-05-15 Markus Frank (PR#384)

    Implementation of non-cylindrical tracking region (resolves #371)

    • It is possible to define volumes in a parallel world such as e.g. a tracking region. In principle any volume hierarchy may be attached to the parallel world. None of these volumes participate in the tracking as long as the "connected" attribute is set to false. The hierarchy of parallel world volumes can be accessed from the main detector object using
      dd4hep::Volume parallel = dd4hep::Description::parallelWorldVolume()

    This parallel world volume is created when the geometry is opened together (and with the same dimensions) as the world volume itself.

    • IF the NAME of the volumes is "tracking_volume" within the compact notation it is declared as the Detector's trackingVolume entity and is accessible as well:
      dd4hep::Volume trackers = dd4hep::Description::trackingVolume()
    • Although the concept is available in the DD4hep core, it's configuration from XML is only implemented for the compact notation. For details see the example examples/ClientTests/compact/TrackingRegion.xml.
    • If the volume should be connected to the world: connected="true". This is useful for debugging because the volume can be visualized else if the volume is part of the parallelworld: connected="false". The volume is always connected to the top level. The anchor detector element defines the base transformation to place the volume within the (parallel) world.
         <parallelworld_volume name="tracking_volume" anchor="/world" material="Air" connected="true" vis="VisibleBlue">
           <shape type="BooleanShape" operation="Subtraction">
             <shape type="BooleanShape" operation="Subtraction">
               <shape type="BooleanShape" operation="Subtraction"  >
                 <shape type="Tube" rmin="0*cm" rmax="100*cm" dz="100*cm"/>
                 <shape type="Cone" rmin2="0*cm" rmax2="60*cm" rmin1="0*cm" rmax1="30*cm" z="40*cm"/>
                 <position x="0*cm" y="0*cm" z="65*cm"/>
               <shape type="Cone" rmin1="0*cm" rmax1="60*cm" rmin2="0*cm" rmax2="30*cm" z="40*cm"/>
               <position x="0" y="0" z="-65*cm"/>
             <shape type="Cone" rmin2="0*cm" rmax2="55*cm" rmin1="0*cm" rmax1="55*cm" z="30*cm"/>
             <position x="0" y="0" z="0*cm"/>
           <position x="0*cm"   y="50*cm" z="0*cm"/>
           <rotation x="pi/2.0" y="0"     z="0"/>

    Enhancement of assemblies, regions and production cuts (resolves #373)

    On request from FCC particle specific production cuts may be specified in the compact notation. These production cuts (Geant4 currently supports these for e+, e-, gammas and protons) are specified as "cut" entities in the limitset. (See the example examples/ClientTests/compact/Assemblies.xml).

    • The hierarchy of cuts being applied is:
      • If present particle specific production cuts for a region are applied.
      • else the "cut" attribute of the compact region specification is used
      • else the global Geant4 cut is automaticallly applied by Geant4.
        <limitset name="VXD_RegionLimitSet">
               These are particle specific limits applied to the region
               ending in Geant4 in a G4UserLimits instance
          <limit name="step_length_max"  particles="*" value="5.0" unit="mm" />
          <limit name="track_length_max" particles="*" value="5.0" unit="mm" />
          <limit name="time_max"         particles="*" value="5.0" unit="ns" />
          <limit name="ekin_min"         particles="*" value="0.01" unit="MeV" />
          <limit name="range_min"        particles="*" value="5.0" unit="mm" />
               These are particle specific production cuts applied to the region
               ending in Geant4 in a G4ProductionCuts instance
          <cut   particles="e+"          value="2.0"   unit="mm" />
          <cut   particles="e-"          value="2.0"   unit="mm" />
          <cut   particles="gamma"       value="5.0"   unit="mm" />

    SensitiveDetector types not changed by Geant4SensDetActionSequence (resolves #378)

    The sensitive detector type defined in the detector constructors is no longer changed intransparently in the back of the users. This may have side-effects for creative detector constructor writers, who invent sd types out of the sky. These obviously will not work with Geant4, because in Geant4 a mapping of these types must be applied to supported sensitive detectors. Now the mapping of a sd type (e.g. "tracker") is strict in the python setup. The default factory to create any sensitive detector instance in Geant4 (ie. an object of type G4VSensitiveDetector, G4VSDFilter, Geant4ActionSD) is a property of the Geant4Kernel instance and defaults to:

     declareProperty("DefaultSensitiveType", m_dfltSensitiveDetectorType = "Geant4SensDet");
    • Since the actual behavior is defined in the sequencer instanciated therein this default should be sufficient for 99.99 % of all cases. Otherwise the factory named "Geant4SensDet" may be overloaded.
  • 2018-05-15 David Blyth (PR#379)

    • Geant4FieldTrackingConstruction now properly overrides constructField()
  • 2018-05-03 David Blyth (PR#377)

    • Geant4Handle unhandled reference to shared actions. This affected the destruction of shared actions.
  • 2018-05-03 Markus Frank (PR#375)

    • Development of a small user example on how to do analysis in DDG4.

      • See examples/DDG4/src/HitTupleAction.cpp
      • Simply collect the energy deposits of hits and write an N-tuple with them.
      • The example shows how to access the hit collections and to extract the data in order to write other more sophisticated analyses.
    • This DDG4 action is used in one of the Minitel examples: examples/ClientTests/srcipts/MiniTelEnergyDeposits.py

  • 2018-05-02 Markus Frank (PR#374)

    • recommission the multithreaded SiD example
      • DDG4/examples/SiDSim_MT.py vs. DDG4/examples/SiDSim.py
  • 2018-04-19 Markus Frank (PR#370)

    • Allow to disable building the documentation cmake option BUILD_DOCS. By default ON and backwards compatible. If set to OFF no doc shall be built. (not everybody has biber installed)
    • Move from DD4hep.py to dd4hep.py, since DD4hep.py has to disappear due to conflicts on MAC.
  • 2018-04-13 Markus Frank (PR#367)

    • resolves #361
      The Detector object has a state Detector::state() with three values:

        /// The detector description states
        enum State   {
          /// The detector description object is freshly created. No geometry nothing.
          NOT_READY = 1<<0,
          /// The geometry is being created and loaded. (parsing ongoing)
          LOADING   = 1<<1,
          /// The geometry is loaded.
          READY     = 1<<2

      It starts with NOT_READY, moves to LOADING once the geometry is opened and goes to READY once the geometry is closed. As suggested in the developers meeting: the initial field object is invalid and gets created only once the geometry is opened. As a corollary, the field may not be accessed before. Geometry parsers must take this behavior into account!

    • Address some compiler warnings.

      • Mainly add override/final statements in header files.
    • Implement a module to invoke python as a DD4hep plugin:
      invoked e.g. by: geoPluginRun -plugin DD4hep_Python -dd4hep -prompt

      geoPluginRun -plugin DD4hep_Python -help
      Usage: -plugin <name> -arg [-arg]                                                  
         name:   factory name     DD4hep_Python                                        
         -import  <string>        import a python module, making its classes available.
         -macro   <string>        load a python script as if it were a macro.          
         -exec    <string>        execute a python statement (e.g. import ROOT.    
         -eval    <string>        evaluate a python expression (e.g. 1+1)          
         -prompt                  enter an interactive python session (exit with ^D)   
         -dd4hep                  Equivalent to -exec "import dd4hep"                
         -help                    Show this online help message.                       
         Note: entries can be given multiple times and are executed in exactly the     
               order specified at the command line!                      

      Implementation wise the plugin is a simple CLI wrapper for TPython.

  • 2018-04-12 Marko Petric (PR#362)

    • Update DD4hepManual
  • 2018-04-12 Markus Frank (PR#360)

    • Examples: only build some examples depending on the availability of dependencies.
    • DDCore: Add interface to allow URI blocking during file parsing. Default is as now.
    • DDCMS: Add conversion of new shapes.
  • 2018-04-10 Markus Frank (PR#359)

    • Bunch of fixes. Mostly in examples/DDDB
    • Only build examples/DDDB if XercesC is present.
    • Only build examples/DDCMS if CLHEP is present
  • 2018-04-09 Markus Frank (PR#357)

    • Add configuration options for loading DDDB
  • 2018-04-05 Markus Frank (PR#351)

    • To avoid unwanted disappearing conditions sub pools, a conditions slice may be instructed to collect shared references to the used pools in the slice.
    • For python:
      • Move DDG4/SystemOfUnits.py to DDG4/g4units.py
        Keep SystemOfUnits.py with deprecation warning
      • move DD4hep.py to dd4hep.py.
        import dd4hep also imports all TGeoUnit units into its namespace.
        Hence: import dd4hep; print dd4hep.m gives: "100.0"
      • DD4hep.py is kept for backwards compatibility issuing a deprecation warning
      • DDG4.py: imports g4units as G4Units: DDG4.G4Units.m etc.
      • DDG4.py: imports TGeoUnit as TGeo4Units: DDG4.TGeoUnits.m etc.
      • Some problem with replacing DD4hepUnits.h with TGeoSystemOfUnits.h
        Surface test complains. To be investigated. Keep old DD4hepUnits for the time being.
  • 2018-04-05 Markus Frank (PR#350)

    • Merge DDCMS and DDCMSTests to DDCMS
    • Move DDDB to the examples/
    • Add tests DDDB_DeVelo and DDDB_DeVelo_Gaudi missing from #349
  • 2018-04-05 Markus Frank (PR#349)

    • Resolves #339
    • DDDB conditions had a bug when loading from file base. The IOV was not handled properly. Now the resulting IOV is configurable using properties.
    • Added Gaudi like example use case for options handling with the DeVelo detector elements.
    • Configuration improvement in DDG4 action Output2ROOT:
      • New property "DisableParticles" allows to suppress the MCParticle record from being written to the ROOT file.
      • dto. the option "DisabledCollections" allows to NOT write any hit collection.
      • Unit tests for these options are not (yet) present.
    • DDCond: allow for user defined conditions cleanup policies. Base class dd4hep::cond::ConditionsCleanup. Callbacks are issued to the class for IOV type pools and IOV dependent pools asking if the pools should be processed.
  • 2018-04-05 Marko Petric (PR#344)

    • Move DDCMS into examples as it is not core functionality

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  • 2018-06-26 Frank Gaede (PR#413
    • bug fix in Geant4EventReaderGuineaPig
      • fix ignoring input lines with 'nan'

@gaede gaede released this May 18, 2018 · 3 commits to rel-v01-07 since this release

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  • 2018-05-17 Frank Gaede
    • fix bug in input handling, for details see discussion #387
      • exclude leptons with zero lifetime from Geant4

@gaede gaede released this Mar 28, 2018 · 247 commits to master since this release

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  • 2018-03-26 Javier Cervantes Villanueva (PR#343)

    • Fix bug in calculating eta, introduced in #138
      • use magFromXYZ instead of radiusFromXYZ to calculate pseudorapidity
  • 2018-03-19 Marko Petric (PR#338)

    • Include fixes from Chris Burr for the alignments calculator.
    • Add a small study for the LHCb upgrade defining reasonable detector element conditions for the Velo pixel detector using the DDCond derived condition mechanism.
    • To be done: somehow get an example for this mechanism, which works outside Gaudi.
  • 2018-03-23 Markus Frank (PR#340)

    • Improvement for DDDB - case study to implement real-world detector elements.
  • 2018-03-28 Marko Petric (PR#345)

    • Remove DDSurfaces folder as it was merged in DDRec
  • 2018-03-28 Marko Petric (PR#341)

    • Remove top level DDSegmentation folder as it is not needed anymore

@andresailer andresailer released this Mar 16, 2018 · 263 commits to master since this release

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  • 2018-01-31 Ete Remi (PR#297)

    • Geant4Output2LCIO
      • Switch run header writing order at beginning of run instead of end of run
  • 2018-03-15 Marko Petric (PR#335)

    • Deduce CLHEP location from CLHEP_INCLUDE_DIR ( Fixes #314 )
    • Add gSystem.Load('libglapi') to testDDPython.py which failed due to TLS issues on local machine
    • Add Geant4 10.4 to test suite
  • 2018-03-14 Markus Frank (PR#336)

    • New shape definitions for CMS
      Generic Polyhedra, ExtrudedPolygon, CutTube, TruncatedTube, PseudoTrap.
    • DDDB: allow to configure the match for the entity resolver.
  • 2018-03-13 Daniel Jeans (PR#333)

    • changed utility name from graphicalMaterialScan -> graphicalScan
    • add visualisation of electric and magnetic fields (switched by parameter)
    • change order of x/y/z range parameters for ease of use
    • added parameter for name of output root file
  • 2018-03-12 Markus Frank (PR#334)

    • step_length_max not propagated to Geant4 for G4UserLimit instances.
    • All limits can now be set separately for each particle type (or for all as a catchall situation if the particle type is '*'.
    • Fixes #327
  • 2017-11-29 Markus Frank (PR#271)

    • Add LHeD example (contribution from Peter Kostka)
    • Fix to support python3 in DDG4
    • Fix issue in Volumes.h for backwards compatibility with gcc version < 5
    • Fix type definition of XmlChar to also support Xerces-C 3.2.0
    • Fix AClick initialization files in DDG4 (remove dependency on libDDSegmentation)
  • 2017-11-29 Marko Petric (PR#270)

    • Fields: Remove pessimizing move and shadow warnings
  • 2018-02-06 Ete Remi (PR#301)

    • Geant4Output2LCIO plugin
      • Added run number and event number offset properties. Enable steering of run and event counters from outside
      • Added 3 event parameters properties for int, float and string event parameters
  • 2018-02-05 Markus Frank (PR#304)

    • Restructure the files a bit to simplify the use of the XML and JSON parsers and the spirit utilities in other projects.
  • 2018-02-28 Frank Gaede (PR#323)

    • make Geant4InputHandling.cpp compatible w/ gcc49
      • avoid stringstream move operation
      • fixes #320
  • 2018-01-24 Markus Frank (PR#292)

    • Fix bug in Alignment test:

      • A long standing bug was fixed for the test t_AlignDet_Telescope_align_new.
      • It was assumed that the DetElements were ordered in memory, which is not true (probably due to memory randomization).
      • Moved to path dependent ordering. Test now OK.
      • Closes #282
    • Removed a Bunch of rootcling warnings

      • Apparently rootcling now expects a class with the name of the dictionary header file.
      • To satify this some dummy anonymous classes were added.
      • Closes #290
  • 2018-01-26 Marko Petric (PR#296)

    • Check dynamic cast if it was successful
  • 2018-01-22 Markus Frank (PR#289)

    • Add possibility to parse XML from string

      • Please see #288 for details.
      • The main interface was not changed. Rather a view to the Detector class supports this functionality.
      • The existing view dd4hep::DetectorLoad was enhanced to allow the required functionality:
       Detector detector = ....;
       /// So here is the actual test: We parse the raw XML string
       DetectorLoad loader(detector);
      • An example was added (ClientTests/src/XML_InMemory.cpp, which illustrates the usage).
    • Improve DDCond manual

      • Improve that the DDCond manual reflects the source code.
      • The possible plugins provided are not all described. This shall be future work.
    • Enable the GDML reader plugin

  • 2018-03-01 Markus Frank (PR#325)

    • Add dictionaries to DDRec.
      • Consequently add the python interface to access the exported classes.
  • 2018-03-01 Ete Remi (PR#321)

    • Geant4InputAction and Geant4EventReader :
      • Register input action pointer to event reader, enabling the event reader to access the Geant4 context
    • Added new class LCIOEventParameters to handle LCIO input event parameters
    • LCIOFileReader :
      • Add extension with LCIO input event parameters to Geant4event
    • Geant4Output2LCIO :
      • Get LCIO event parameters from event extension (if any) and write them to LCIO output event
  • 2018-03-01 David Blyth (PR#317)

    • DDCore: added CartesianStrip segmentations
  • 2018-03-02 Frank Gaede (PR#328)

    • finalize the python bindings for DDRec:
      • implement StructExtension(DetElement&) and toString()
      • add DetectorData classes to python
      • add example dumpDetectorData.py
      • closes #306
    • remove deprecated methods and classes in DDRec
  • 2018-03-06 Andre Sailer (PR#331)

    • Geant4InputHandling: reject stable particles without lifetime (e.g., initial state electrons), fixes #330
  • 2018-03-07 Markus Frank (PR#329)

    • Fixes #324
    • Call TGeoMixture::ComputeDerivedQuantities() for ROOT >= 6.12.0 (Resolves #281)
    • Start to address issue: #327
  • 2018-03-07 Daniel Jeans (PR#322)

    • correct coded expressions for quadrupole, sextupole and octopole fields.
    • correct expression for octopole field in documentation
  • 2018-03-09 Ercan Pilicer (PR#319)

    • Remove unnecessary import exceptions from python
  • 2017-11-30 Markus Frank (PR#272)

    DDG4 enhancements

    • Enable framework support in DDG4. The Geant4Context is the main thread specific accessor to the dd4hep, DDG4 and the user framework.

      • The access to the dd4hep objects is via the Geant4Context::detectorDescription() call,
      • the access to DDG4 as a whole is supported via Geant4Context::kernel() and
      • the access to the user gframework using a specialized implementation of:
        template <typename T> T& userFramework() const;

      A user defined implementations must be specialized somewhere in a compilation unit of the user framework, not in a header file. The framework object could host e.g. references for histogramming, logging, data access etc.

      This way any experiment/user related data processing framework can exhibit it's essential tools to DDG4 actions.

      A possible specialized implementations would look like the following:

        struct Gaudi  {
          IMessageSvc*   msg;
          IHistogramSvc* histos;
        template<> Gaudi& Geant4Context::userFramework<Gaudi>()  const  {
          UserFramework& fw = m_kernel->userFramework();
          if ( fw.first && &typeid(T) == fw.second ) return *(T*)fw.first;
          throw std::runtime_error("No user specified framework context present!");

      To access the user framework then use the following call:

      Gaudi* fw = context->userFramework<Gaudi>();

      of course after having initialized it:

        Gaudi * fw = ...;
        GaudiKernel& kernel = ...;
    • G4RunManager is now a plugin. To enable user defined run managers in DDG4, the run manager is encapsulated in a Geant4Action. See DDG4/plugins/Geant4RunManagers.cpp how to implement such plugins. Currently there are to factories implemented:

      • G4RunManager -> factory invokes the single threaded G4RunManager
      • G4MTRunManager -> factory invokes the multi threaded G4MTRunManager

      The factory names here are identical to the names of the native G4 classes.

  • 2017-11-30 Marko Petric (PR#268)

    • Introduce new DD4hep web-site: http://dd4hep.cern.ch/
    • Restructured doc folder and removed not doc related stuff to etc
    • Fixes to Doxygen configuration
      • create reference manual make reference
    • Better integration of DD4hep tex documentation and cmake
      • create manuals in PDF format make pdf create manuals in HTML format make html
      • allow creation of documentation if dependencies are not present
    • extended gitlab runners to automatically build documentation PDF and HTML and also reference manual and publish to web-site, thus ensuring always up to date information.
  • 2018-02-14 Markus Frank (PR#310)

    • Fix MC truth problem in DDG4
    • Update of the XML reader to simplify externalization
  • 2018-02-15 David Blyth (PR#302)

    • Added "NOINSTALL" option to cmake build function dd4hep_add_library
  • 2018-02-16 Andre Sailer (PR#315)

    • DDG4::ExtraParticles: particles with too small life time were tagged as stable, now correctly marked unstable
    • DDG4::Geant4InputHandling: pass all particles except strings, quarks and gluons to Geant4 to get completely consistent MCParticle History, fixes #307
    • DDG4::Geant4PrimaryHandler: add property RejectPDGs
    • DDG4::Geant4InputHandling: print geant4 primary particle chains if VERBOSE
  • 2017-11-16 David Blyth (PR#258)

    • Corrected EcalBarrel constructor after finding significant layer overlaps
    • Corrected CylindricalEndcapCalorimeter factors of 2 in layer/slice thickness
    • Corrected ForwardDetector factors of 2 in layer/slice thickness
  • 2017-12-05 Marko Petric (PR#278)

    • Remove DD4HEP_USE_CXX11 and DD4HEP_USE_CXX14 and use CMake default wayCMAKE_CXX_STANDARD to define C++ standard
  • 2017-12-05 Marko Petric (PR#277)

    • Fix logic for ignoring warnings in dictionary creation
    • Add -Wno-overlength-strings to all generated targets
  • 2017-12-05 peterkostka (PR#276)

    • Update of LHeD example - overlaps (problem with SubdetectorAssembly)
  • 2017-12-01 Markus Frank (PR#275)

    • Add Support to Export and Import GDML Data
      • Allow extorts and imports of partial geometry trees with GDML. This requires however a future version of ROOT, since some changes were necessary in the ROOT GDML handlers. The code is commented out for the time being. The plugin implementation is in DDCore/src/gdml/GdmlPlugin.cpp
    • Remove print statements from DDG4 scripts
      • Replace prints with calls to the python logging utility. Hopefully this shall give at some point python3 compatibility.
    • Update G4Stepper factories
      • Add some missing steppers
  • 2017-12-01 Marko Petric (PR#274)

    • Revert DDG4.py Geant4 initialization parameters back to values specified in Geant4 (see discussion #266)

@gaede gaede released this Nov 10, 2017 · 353 commits to master since this release

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  • 2017-11-10 Dan Protopopescu (PR#262)

    • Added createGearForSiD minimal plugin solely for use with LCCalibration
  • 2017-11-10 Frank Gaede (PR#261)

    • add Geant4::HitData::MonteCarloContrib::length (step length)
    • set in all CalorimeterSDActions
    • write out it LCIO if Geant4Sensitive::DETAILED_MODE and LCIO_VERS>v02-10
  • 2017-11-10 Whitney Armstrong (PR#260)

    • added electric and magnetic field functions that return the field value (taking the position as the only argument) directly in dd4hep::OverlayedField

@gaede gaede released this Nov 8, 2017 · 361 commits to master since this release

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  • 2017-10-17 Markus Frank (PR#248)

    VolumeManager Implementation

    A possibly important bug was fixed for the lookup of top level subdetectors in the VolumeManager by volume identifers of (sensitive) volumes. Due to a bug in the de-masking possible wrong top level subdetectors were returned. The default use cases typically do not use this call and hence should not be affected.

  • 2017-10-17 Shaojun Lu (PR#247)

    • Fix C++11 pointer error by adding include for 'unique_ptr' (GCC 4.9).
  • 2017-10-13 Marko Petric (PR#246)


    • Improve the CMS excercise. New examples etc.
    • Support for simulation using DDG4 (at least partially - since not all subdetector volumes are accepted by Geant4).


    • Event reader returns EVENT_READER_EOF if EOF is detected rather than a generic IO error.
    • Add generator status word to the Geant4Particle object. Remove the extension mechanism, which is very heavy to just add one integer.


    • We need to distinguish the plugins using some namespace mechanism. I started to introduce the namespace separator "_". Hence all DD4hep plugins start with DD4hep_<plugin>. I hope this does not break everything. If it does, please notify me and we can undo.
  • 2017-10-13 Whitney Armstrong (PR#243)

    • Added helper function getAttrOrDefault (defined in DDCore/include/XML/Helper.h)
      This function getAttrOrDefault(xml::Element e, xml::XmlChar attr_name, T default_value) will return the attribute name, converted to to type T but if it is not found it will return default_value. When building new detectors supplying this is useful for supplying default attribute values.
  • 2017-10-19 Markus Frank (PR#249)

    • Improve the CMS tracker visualisation
    • Add DDG4 simulation example to DDCMS
    • Add some plugins to add visualisation attributes if required (not for the compact description)
  • 2017-11-01 David Blyth (PR#254)

    • DDG4/python/DDG4.py: loadDDG4() changed to not raise exception if libraries are already loaded
  • 2017-11-01 David Blyth (PR#252)

    • Added requirement of Python 2 in cmake/FindPYTHON.cmake. This makes clear the requirement of Python 2, and resolves the issue where CMake tries to build with Python 3 in a system where both exist.
  • 2017-11-07 Frank Gaede (PR#256)

    • bug fix in BitField64::operator[std::string]()
    • make uses of TString in DocumentHandler.cpp compatible with clang9 (on Mac)

@gaede gaede released this Oct 12, 2017 · 389 commits to master since this release

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  • 2017-10-12 Frank Gaede (PR#244)

    • allow for unbounded surfaces in DDRec
      • add new property SurfaceType::Unbounded
      • if a surface is marked unbounded Surface::insideBounds() ignores the volume boundaries (and only checks the distance to the surface)
  • 2017-09-19 Whitney Armstrong (PR#233)

    • Added helper CellIDPositionConverter::cellDimensions(const CellID& cell)
  • 2017-10-09 Frank Gaede (PR#242)

    • improve BitFieldCoder class
      • remove heap allocation of BitFieldElements
      • add move constructors for efficient filling of vector
  • 2017-09-29 Frank Gaede (PR#238)

    • add new threadsafe class BitFieldCoder as replacement for BitField64
    • use as const everywhere
    • re-implement BitField64 using BitFieldCoder
      • is thread safe if used locally
      • can be instantiated from const BitFieldCoder*
  • 2017-09-18 Markus Frank (PR#234)

    • Created a new example showing the CMS tracking detector
      • Get CMS going with their evaluation. Added a package DDCMS with the conversion plugins for the silicon trackers and the corresponding conversion mechanism for their xml structure.
  • 2017-09-18 Frank Gaede (PR#232)

    • fix reading of stdhep/lcio generator files with generator statuses not in [0,3]
      • G4PARTICLE_GEN_BEAM is generally agreed to be used for beam particles (HepMC, LCIO)
      • all other status codes vary from generator to generator and we use OTHER
    • for stdhep or lcio input the true generator status is preserved in the lcio output, regardless of its value
    • create a vertex for every parent-less particle in LCIOEventReader
      • this allows for example to read GuineaPig files ( non-prompt pair particles) or special user created files with non-prompt particles
    • Resolves #101
  • 2017-09-20 Markus Frank (PR#235)

    • A more complete version of the CMS tracker
      • Enhanced the CMS tracker example to be more complete.
      • Stopped at some point to convert all CMS algorithms. Hence, the tracker is not complete, but the remaining work looks to be purely mechanical.
  • 2017-10-02 Frank Gaede (PR#239)

    • add cell sizes to printout of LayeredCalorimeterData::layer
      • used in dumpdetector -d
  • 2017-09-14 Frank Gaede (PR#231)

    • adapt LCIOEventReader for Pythia8 and Whizard2
      • add all parent-less particles to outgoing vertex
      • fixes #226 and closes #229
      • also used for stdhep files
  • 2017-09-07 Daniel Jeans (PR#227)

    • Fix calculation of cell position in MegatileLayerGridXY
    • previously, returned position was the lower corner of the cell
    • after this bug fix, it's the cell centre
  • 2017-10-05 Frank Gaede (PR#241)

    • remove deprecated and unused classes from DDRec
  • 2017-10-05 Frank Gaede (PR#240)

    • add dd4hep::rec::FixedPadSizeTPCData.zMinReadout
      • needed to describe the cathode thickness
  • 2017-08-21 Markus Frank (PR#221)

    • Document several classes in doxygen notation.
      • Aim is that there are (at least) no class headers without docs.
      • See documentation

@andresailer andresailer released this Aug 16, 2017 · 428 commits to master since this release

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  • 2017-07-14 Daniel Jeans (PR#204)

    • add ncellsX/Y as a "parameter", allowing it to be set in compact description. This change is for easier use in the case of a MultiSegmentation. (Only a uniform segmentation can be defined in this way: for more complex cases, must set by driver.)
    • change from array to std::vector to store ncells information
  • 2017-07-17 Markus Frank (PR#206)

    Implement ROOT persistency mechanism for detector descriptions (continuation of #202).

    Object extensions are now persistent.

    This is however not for free: it requires a dictionary for the extension itself and it requires a dictionary for the class holding the extension. These are:

    • dd4hep::DetElement::DetElementExtension<IFACE,CONCRETE> for DetElement extensions.
    • dd4hep::SimpleExtension<IFACE,CONCRETE> for simple extension managed by the user framework (user calls explicitly destructor).
    • dd4hep::DeleteExtension<IFACE,CONCRETE> for simple extension managed by dd4hep (dd4hep calls automatically destructor on hosting object destruction).
    • dd4hep::CopyDeleteExtension<IFACE,CONCRETE>. As above, but these extensions support calling the copy constructor of the embedded object and hence allow to copy also the hosting objects.

    Please note: to persistify these objects it was necessary to no longer use the type-info of the objects as an identifier, but rather a 64-bit-hash of the raw type-info-name. This relies that this name is identical across platforms. This typically is true for linux, but not enforced by any standard.

  • 2017-08-11 Andre Sailer (PR#213)

    • CMake:: dd4hep_generate_rootmap: use CMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR if it is set. If the macro is called from other libraries this variable might be set and should be used for consistency. Fixes #212
  • 2017-07-13 Markus Frank (PR#202)

    Implement ROOT persistency mechanism for detector descriptions

    The following commits allow to save and restore Detector objects (ie. the full detector description) to/from ROOT. Most changes affected the usage of void pointers.

    It is NOT possible to:

    • save object extensions. Another usage of void pointers and type-info objects, which both cannot be saved.
    • save callback objects. Callbacks store in memory pointers to member functions. These depend on the loading of libraries at run-time and hence may differ from application to application.
    • save conditions slices. This shall be a futute extension. There should be no fundamental problem doing so - it was simply not yet done.

    In the example area a new slot call "Persistency" was created with various tests:

    • Save and restore simple conditions
    • Save and restore the MiniTel detector (examples/ClientTests/compact/MiniTel.xml)
    • Save and restore the CLICSiD detector (examples/CLICSiD/compact/compact.xml)

    The detector examples also have a set of tests associated to check the validity of the restored information.

    Integrate DDSegmentatation into DDCore

    As a first step to start the cleanup of DDSegmentation the code was integrated into DDCore. For backwards compatibility a dummy library libDDSegmentation.so is kept, so that client cmake files directly referring DDSegmentation still work. This tough is only a temporary measure and users should remove references to the DDSegmentation library. Include files can be accessed as before. These are part of the DDCore include directory.

  • 2017-08-15 Yorgos Voutsinas (PR#216)

    • Adding variable "nocore" for beam pipe (with default value = false) In case the variable appears in the BP xml file as "true", the BP sections will have no core of beam material, in order that someone might add various BP walls made of different materials while avoiding G4 overlaps. Example of use:
    <detector name="BeBeampipe" type="DD4hep_Beampipe_o1_v01" insideTrackingVolume="true" nocore="true" vis="BeamPipeVis">                                                                                                                     
  • 2017-08-15 Jan Strube (PR#215)

    • LCIOEventReader: adding parameter for the name of the MCParticle collection: MCParticleCollectionName
  • 2017-08-14 Markus Frank (PR#217)

    Enhance ROOT Detector Description Persistency

    Conditions slices from the DD4hep conditions store can now be saved to ROOT files ans named objects. Conditions persistency examples are added to the examples/Conditions section.
    The examples are derived from the Telescope and CLICSiD example:

    • Conditions_Telescope_root_save
    • Conditions_Telescope_root_load_iov
    • Conditions_Telescope_root_load_pool
    • Conditions_CLICSiD_root_save_LONGTEST
    • Conditions_CLICSiD_root_load_iov_LONGTEST
    • Conditions_CLICSiD_root_load_usr_LONGTEST
    • Conditions_CLICSiD_root_load_cond_LONGTEST

    Fix Handle Problem when Accessing Materials from Volumes

    A cast problem was not spotted in the last commit, which manifested itself in accessing invalid materials from volumes. This commit resolves #211 , reported by @jhrdinka.

    A set of tests checks this behaviour in the ClientTests: ClientTests_volume_materials_<text>, where the volume tree is scanned and for all sensitive volumes and access the corresponding materials/TGeoMedium entities from the volume object.

  • 2017-07-18 Shaojun Lu (PR#208)

    • added "#include " for the smart pointers to DD4hepRootPersistency.cpp
  • 2017-07-19 Markus Frank (PR#209)

    • Implement dd4hep::Tube using TGeoTubeSeg (See also Issue #203 for details)
  • 2017-07-21 Markus Frank (PR#210)

    Implement ROOT persistency mechanism for the conditions

    Conditions pools can now be made persistent provided all the dictionaries for the payload objects are provided. A new class ConditionsRootPersistency allows to save and re-load conditions pools to/from a ROOT file. Such pools can either be:

    • Simple ConditionsPool objects
    • The entire IOV indexed pool set (class ConditionsIOVPool) or
    • A the pool used by a ConditionsSlice (class UserPool).
    • A std::vector which belong all to the same IOV

    In any case the restoration of the saved conditions is performed through the ConditionsManager interface in order to ensure proper management of the added condition objects.

    Some example plugin tasks were added in examples/Conditions:

    • DD4hep_ConditionExample_save to save conditions to a ROOT file.
    • DD4hep_ConditionExample_load to restore conditions from file.

    Others to come.

    Split of dictionary files

    The ROOT dictionary creation in DDCore was getting increasingly large. Now the ROOT dictionaries are created in several files, what firstly allows them to be produced in parallel and secondly eases the compilation due to smaller generated file sizes.