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Artificial Intelligence Laboratory @ FOI

Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the Faculty of Organization and Informatics, University of Zagreb

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  1. B.A.R.I.C.A. (Barely an ARtificial Intelligence CAr) is an initial atempt on creating an autonomous vehicle based on artificial intelligence.

    Python 6 3

  2. ModelMMORPG was a scientific project sponsored by the Croatian Science Foundation. Massively multi-player on-line role playing games (MMORPGs) give us the opportunity to study two important aspects…

    Prolog 1

  3. GDPR Privacy Analytics based on AI and Data Science

    Python 2

  4. A (wannabe) Swiss Army knife for the data scientist

    Prolog 6 2

  5. Implementation of knowledge base (KB) abilities for agents developed in SPADE (Smart Python Agent Development Environment). The finalised product should enable agents to cope with personal and glob…

    Python 2

  6. The modelling environment (Atom3) used to develop LSMAS organisational meta-model for ModelMMORPG project at AI Lab @ FOI, and the meta-model being developed, along with a couple of models.

    Python 1

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