A game, on a grid.
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Grid Game

That's right, there's no particular concept to it yet.

How to play

What is the game?

  • The game is played on a square grid.
  • Each player starts with one city, cities have 10 health.
  • Each players army marches in one direction at any one time.
  • On periodical turns, every city sends one soldier in their players direction.
  • Every turn, each soldier takes one step in its players direction.
  • When a soldier hits an obstacle, they stop.
  • When allied soldiers meet, they team up.
  • When 10 soldiers team up, they form a city.
  • Every turn, each soldier does one damage to each of its non-alied units or cities.
  • One damage is enough to kill one soldier, or one tenth of a city.
  • The game ends when only one player remains on the map.


  • index.html - starting point
  • lib/grid_game.js - starting point (javascript)
  • lib/external - external libraries used
  • lib/data - bits of js data/config
  • lib/classes - constructors
  • lib/turn_phases - additions to /lib/classes/tile.js for specifc phases of turns
  • style/grid_game.css - The styling information.