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Welcome to the Yeoman generator for SharePoint Framework solutions with Vue.js support!


  • install the generator globally
npm i -g generator-spfx
  • scaffold new project from the template
yo vuespfx


version description
0.9.0 Initial version with Web Part support
0.9.1 Small bug fixes
0.9.2 Web part's scss has been removed
0.9.3 only Test name works (appeared in 0.9.2)
0.9.4 Updated to use SPFx generator v 1.5.1
1.0.0 Support of SPFx Extensions is added
1.0.3 Fix: NPM package misses subgenerators
1.0.4 Fix: generator works incorrectly with case-sensitive file systems

NPM Package

Known Issue

  • PNPM package manager is not supported as it installs vue-loader module incorrectly.
  • When adding multiple items in the same solution the generator shows package.json conflict and asks to select if the file should be overwritten
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