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Are you ready for the COA exam?

The following is a collection of exercices to get familiar with Openstack administration through the cli for the purpose of preparing for COA (Openstack Foundation Openstack Certified Administrator) exam:

CLI administration section:

  1. Identity management
  2. Compute
    • Instances
    • Quotas
  3. Glance
  4. Neutron
  5. Cinder
    • Instances snapshots
    • Volume snapshots
    • Volume backups
    • Volume encryption
  6. Swift
  7. Orchestration (heat)
  8. Telemetry (ceilometer)
  9. Database

Exam practice & labbing:

Under construction:

Browse the page, you'll find a series of tasks you can try to perform on your own lab. You can download the page index.html and run a local webserver in the same directory
ex: python -m SimpleHTTPServer 12345

By clicking on each tasks, the solution will be revealed.
Make sure to avoid the illusion of competency by trying your best to solve the question and consulting the documentation, the only reference available in the exam, before looking the answer. This will help consolidating a mental process to get to the solution.

Until the page is built, you can simply use the above outline for more uptodate exercices and solutions.

Troubleshooting section:

I am collecting all issues I've encountered during the learning process, mainly, installing multinode openstack from scratch

In the issue section, look for issues labeled Troubleshooting. Opened issues are still under investigation, closed are solved.

Even though different root causes could have the same symptoms and some solutions are curcumstantial, they still gives a hint on how processes and configuration files are interconnected.

If you are lucky enough, you'll make a lot of mistakes to learn from and to be prepared for the exam :)

Exam references


The list of tasks and the format presented are suggested before taking the exam, so any matching is a pure coincidence.


Your contribution is very welcome and encouraged for both the content and the form.

And got it finally:



Openstack Foundation Openstack Certified Administrator exam Preparation





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