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This repository holds application specific infrastructure for the website. The VPCs for are configured in the global-aws-infrastructure repository.

SaintsXCTF Deployment Process

  • Run SaintsXCTF Database Deployment Scripts

  • Create Docker Images for SaintsXCTF API (Base & Nginx). Bump up Image Versions.

  • Create Docker Images for SaintsXCTF Web (Base & Nginx). Bump up Image Versions.

  • Build SaintsXCTF Auth API [If Necessary]

  • Build SaintsXCTF Function API [If Necessary]

  • Build SaintsXCTF Ingress Kubernetes Infrastructure [If Necessary]

  • Build SaintsXCTF API Kubernetes Infrastructure. Bump Up Deployment Versions to Match Docker Images.

  • Build SaintsXCTF Web Kubernetes Infrastructure. Bump Up Deployment Versions to Match Docker Images.


There are multiple Jenkins jobs for this infrastructure. They are all located in the SaintsXCTF infrastructure folder:


Runs tests on the production environment AWS infrastructure created with Terraform.


Runs tests on the development environment AWS infrastructure created with Terraform.


One Time Bazel Setup (MacOS)

brew tap bazelbuild/tap
brew install bazelbuild/tap/bazel

# Confirm the installation was successful.
bazel --version


Directory Name Description
.github GitHub Actions for CI/CD pipelines.
acm HTTPS Certificates for the application load balancer.
bastion Bastion host for connecting to resources in the private subnets.
database Infrastructure for the SaintsXCTF MySQL database.
database-backup S3 buckets for storing RDS database backups.
database-client MySQL database client for access to the RDS database from a web GUI.
database-deployment Lambda function for deploying scripts to RDS databases.
database-snapshot Lambda functions for creating backups and restoring RDS databases.
iam IAM policies used in the SaintsXCTF VPC.
route53 Configures the DNS records for the application.
saints-xctf-com Kubernetes configuration for the application front-end.
saints-xctf-com-api Kubernetes configuration for the application API.
saints-xctf-com-asset S3 bucket containing assets used for the SaintsXCTF application .
saints-xctf-com-auth Authentication API and Lambda functions.
saints-xctf-com-fn API of Lambda functions used for different purposes including sending emails.
saints-xctf-com-uasset S3 bucket containing application users assets.
secrets-manager Secrets for the SaintsXCTF application and infrastructure.
synthetic-monitoring CloudWatch Synthetic Monitoring for end to end testing.
test Python AWS infrastructure test suite.
test-k8s Go Kubernetes infrastructure test suite.


v2.0.2 - GitHub Actions

Release Date: February 26th, 2023

Integrate Terraform formatting, AWS tests, and Kubernetes tests with GitHub Actions CI/CD.

v2.0.1 - Synthetic Monitoring Canaries Release

Release Date: July 14th, 2021

This release added Canary functions, which provide automated tests for the SaintsXCTF website. These functions test critical paths of the application on a schedule, and notify me if any errors are detected.

v2.0.0 - Kubernetes/Serverless V2 Release

Release Date: May 30th, 2021

The SaintsXCTF website is now using its second version. Unused infrastructure modules were removed. The largest changes in this release include:

  • SaintsXCTF Ingress object & corresponding load balancer
  • SaintsXCTF Web Kubernetes Deployment
  • SaintsXCTF API Kubernetes Deployment
  • API Gateway & Lambda Functions
  • API Gateway & Lambda Functions
  • Asset and User Asset S3 Buckets
  • Database phpMyAdmin Client on Kubernetes

v1.0.0 - First Release

Release Date: February 13th, 2021

First tag for the SaintsXCTF infrastructure repository. Includes new infrastructure for version 2 of the application and old infrastructure for the original website I made in college (which was lift and shifted to AWS from Linode in 2019).


  1. Bazel Installation


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