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Helper class to create Pretrained Resnet models that can take in an arbitary number of channels as input.
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Contains a class to help use Multichannel Pretrained Resnet Models in PyTorch that take an arbitary number of channels(> 3) as input.
The models implemented here carry much of transfer learning's benefits even when expanded to an arbitrary number of input channels. This is implemented by sharing the weights of existing trained 3 input kernels into the new input kernels that we add to the network.
The whole process is simplified in a few lines of code :

import multichannel_resnet
from multichannel_resnet import get_arch as Resnet

#returns a callable that you can pass to libraries like fastai.
#Usage: Resnet(encoder_depth, number_of_desired_input_channels)
resnet34_4_channel = Resnet(34, 4)

# use resnet34_4_channels(False) to get a non pretrained model
model = resnet34_4_channel(True) 

print("New input channels : ", model.conv1.in_channels)
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