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Annotation Client for the LDOW2016 Pingback Feedback

using feedback protocol on linked data

JavaScript/HTML/CSS component, which has to be included in a website for RDF browsing like DBpedia. Enables the user to create comment resources as plain comments or patches of the current resource.


  • Browser with ECMA2015 support (or use npm for es5)
  • JQuery in version 1.9.1 and higher (if jQuery is not available it will be requested by the script)
  • link to the original resource :
  • link to a ResourceHostingService:
  • link to a PingbackService:
  • RESTful access or content negotiation to RDF Formats like application/rdf+json of the linked resource, e.g. for Leipzig


With NPM

Run npm install && npm run build to get combined js and css files. In Addition to these files, you have to include a version of jquery and fontawesome, like in example.html.

Without NPM:

Basically you have to include FBE.js as a javascript dependency into your page. To work as expected you'll also have to include some third party libraries like Bootstrap and Jquery. All of these prerequisites are listed inside example.html.

Please check for fallback URLs in FBE.js to match your specific requirements.


If you want to install this page extension as a Greasemonkey (plugin) user script, just point your browser to the location of FBE.user.js in your local file system. In addition, you have to incomment lines 512 to 521 of FBE.js. (Be aware of the “side effects”!)

Side effects

We are doing our styling with Bootstrap. When your already using an up to date version of Bootstrap: Great! If not, please include the shipped prefixed_bootstrap.css. With this file, we tried to minimize side effects of the bootstrap styling. Remember to check for side effects!

The work was done as part of AKSW.