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PHP5 / Zend based Semantic Web API for Social Semantic Software
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Erfurt is a PHP/Zend based Semantic Web Framework for Social Semantic Software.

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  • RDF Parser/serializer
  • Storage abstraction/RDF Store
  • Versioning
  • SPARQL querying/update
  • Caching
  • Plugins/trigger
  • ...

Developer Info

Repository Conventions

We use Vincent Driessen's branching model, Tom Preston-Werner's versioning specification as well as this note on good commit messages for this repository.

In addition to that, we suggest to use git-flow to keep naming conventions. Copy the following config section in you global ~/.gitconfig or the repository wide .git/config file.

# git flow default configuration for ~/.gitconfig
[gitflow "branch"]
    master = master
    develop = develop
[gitflow "prefix"]
    feature = feature/
    release = release/
    hotfix = hotfix/
    support = support/
    versiontag = v

Code Conventions

Currently, this library is developed using OntoWiki's coding standard.

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