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CubeViz - The RDF DATACUBE Browser

CubeViz is a facetted browser for statistical data utilizing the RDF Data Cube vocabulary which is the current state-of-the-art regarding the representation of statistical data in RDF. This vocabulary is compatible with SDMX and increasingly being adopted. Based on the Data Cube vocabulary, CubeViz is generating a facetted browsing widget that provides possibilities to interactivly filter observations which are to be visualized in charts. More detailed information about CubeViz can be found in the About page.

Our wikipages are structured as follows

Install, setup and upgrade

Using CubeViz

Customize CubeViz

Wanna play? Try the Demo - Installation

A live demo is already online:

To receive a chart visualization, please select first the model ( on the left sidebar. Then the CubeViz selection Box start which give you the ability to select a set of structural elements. After the selection, please click the select data button which returns the relevant observations visualized as a chart.

Wanna setup your own CubeViz deployment?

We prepared a package just for you to test CubeViz together with OntoWiki: