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LDWPO - Linked Data Workflow Project ontology

Maintaining Linked Data datasets is a time-consuming and resource-expensive activity. The cost of maintainability can be reduced by utilizing a workflow description framework, which provides methods to support the lifecycle of RDF datasets in a systematic way. We present the main component of such a framework, an ontology for orchestrating Linked Data processing workflows dubbed the Linked Data Workflow Project ontology. We introduce the Plan, Method, and Execution concepts, which enable to describe important maintenance tasks. Using our ontology it is possible to: i) Describe the complete production workflow for RDF datasets, thus enabling reproducibility over time; ii) Describe the methods and tools utilized in such a workflow; and iii) Execute the described workflows in a (semi-)automatized way, using Linked Data technologies.

Project folders:

  • 1.0 - contains the LDWPO current version.
  • misc - contains the technical report, use cases (toy experiments), VoID descriptions, and sparql queries samples.
  • tools - contains the report generator and workflow execution tools for using with LDWPO.