Implementation of the Linked Data Platform for Node.
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node_ldp -- Linked Data Platform for Node

Have you ever wanted to quickly publish Linked Data resources on the Web? Then node_ldp is your answer. Since node_ldp is an implementation of the Linked Data Platform specification it additionally allows you to:

  • create resources via PUT,
  • update/create resources via POST,
  • delete resources via DELETE,

All of this for plain resources or resources managed in LDP containers.

Runtime Dependencies

You can install most dependencies with

make libs

In addition, node_raptor is required.


You can start LDP with several options. To see the options run bin/start --help. Fake namespace and initial triples file are currently required.

Usage: start [options]


-h, --help                   output usage information
-l, --load <file>            path to file with triples to serve
-f, --fake-namespace <host>  fake namespace of URIs for testing
-p, --port <port>            fake host part of URIs for testing

Running Test

node_ldp's test suite requires' nodeunit. Once you have that installed just type

make test

at the command prompt.