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SHACL shape repository

This repository provides SHACL shapes and shape groups. Its purpose is to be a place for collaboration to work on SHACL content together.

Contributions welcome!

If you want to contribute, please follow the advice below.

  • Use our discovery service or browse this repository to see, that your shape is not already there.
  • If a shape already exists, please consider improving existing one(s) instead of adding double/overlapping content.
  • If no shape is available, fork this repository and create new folder in the shape-groups folder. Give it a short and meaningful name (e.g. adult-person). If unsure, look at existing folders. You have to split shape related information and meta data (void.ttl). Each group needs a void.ttl file containing related meta data, such as license. Afterwards create a pull request to let us know about it and to discuss your contribution.

Develop and test shapes

There is a cool web service available, which helps a lot during creation of new shapes.


If not stated differently, content of this repository is licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons BY 4.0 license (CC-BY).


Repository for SHACL shapes. Contributions welcome!




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