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A middleware, reducer and actions for manipulating modal windows using Redux.
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A middleware, reducer and actions for manipulating modal windows.
The library provides only these things. If you want to see modal window, you could use react-modal.
See working example at gh-pages.

Code Example

Adding modals' reducer:

import { combineReducers } from 'redux';
import { modalsReducer } from 'redux-promising-modals';

export default combineReducers({
    /* your's reducers */
    modals: modalsReducer

Creating a store:

import { createStore, applyMiddleware } from 'redux';
import { modalsMiddleware } from 'redux-promising-modals';
import yourReducer from 'yourReducerDirectory';

const store = createStore(yourReducer, applyMiddleware(modalsMiddleware));

Show single modal:

import { pushModalWindow } from 'redux-promising-modals';
// ToDo: bind pushModalWindow to dispatch

pushModalWindow('EDIT_FILE_DIALOG', {fileName: 'my_file.txt'})
  .then(result => { /* do something with the result */ });

Show series of modals

import { pushModalWindow } from 'redux-promising-modals';
// ToDo: bind pushModalWindow to dispatch

const promisesArray = pushModalWindow(
    [{fileName: 'my_file.txt'}, {fileName: 'old_file.txt', _createdOn: 1480021259507}]

Promise.all(promisesArray).then(() => { /* all promises are resolved (each window was closed) */ });

Close current modal and return result

import { popModalWindow } from 'redux-promising-modals';
/* ToDo: bind popModalWindow to dispatch */

popModalWindow({newFileName: 'your_file.txt'});


For example:
You need to show a modal window to a user. The user manipulates with the content of the window and then closes it. You want to see the result of these manipulation.


npm i --save redux-promising-modals

API Reference

Actions' types


You can import theses types from library and handle them separately.



If the type of action passing through it is PUSH_MODAL_WINDOW or INSERT_MODAL_WINDOW you can expect that a Promise will be returned.
If the type is SHIFT_MODAL_WINDOW or POP_MODAL_WINDOW the Promise will be resolved and the result will be granted.
CLEAR_MODAL_WINDOWS resolves all Promises.


pushModalWindow(modalTypes, modalProps) - adds modal of type modalType (expects a String type but this is not necessary) with modalProps (could be anything) in the end of modals array. modalTypes and modalProps can be either an array or a single element (see Code Example).
insertModalWindow(modalTypes, modalProps) - adds a modal in the beginning of modals array.
popModalWindow(values) - removes the last window from modals array.
shiftModalWindow(values) - remove the first (current) window from modals array.
clearModalWindows() - clears modals array.
nextModalWindow() - replaces current window by the next.
prevModalWindow() - replaces current window by the previous one.


modalsReducer - a reducer for modals (keep modals types and props in an array).



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