A simple command-line utility to analyze SRT subtitles.
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srt-validation aims to be a small and simple command-line utility that scans subtitles in SRT format and checks for various errors. This is accomplished by reading a file and checking for the following:

  1. Number of characters per line;
  2. Number of lines for each subtitle;
  3. Checking for overlapping subtitles;
  4. Checking for mismatched tags;
  5. Checking for missing empty lines after a subtitle.

How to install

There is no need to install srt-validation: just copy the executable somewhere, open a Command Prompt window, cd to the executable's path, and run it by typing srt-validation FILENAME You may want to add it to your system's PATH environment variable. In this case, open a PowerShell window with administrative privileges and use the command setx PATH "$env:path;PATH/TO/SRT-VALIDATION" -m then restart PowerShell and you're good to go.


srt-validation supports the following command-line arguments:

  1. -h
    Prints an usage message and exits;
  2. -l number of lines per subtitle
    Sets the maximum numbers of lines per subtitle. There are more lines per subtitle than this number, an error message is printed to the console.
  3. -c number of characters per line
    Sets the maximum number of characters per line. If a line length exceeds this threshold, an error message is printed to the console.
  4. -t character per line tolerance
    Specifies how much extra characters per line the application will tolerate.