A real-time interactive progressive path tracer on the GPU.
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A real-time interactive progressive path tracer.

Keep in mind this is A very early demo of CRay, so crashes or unexpected platform-dependent behavior might happen.

IMPORTANT: do not change the file structure that came within the zip. The executable relies on it to find the location of models. Currently all the models are hardcoded with a fixed position and orientation for the ease of viewing them. Of course this will change as I will allow user-inputed models to be rendered.

Bugs are probably inevitable, as it is just the nature of this kind of things. I tried my best to give meaningful error messages to all possible failure points in the program. If any error occured, please report them on CRay's forum as this will help me pick out bugs and make the program more robust. Thank you very much!

website: https://cray.handmade.network/


Still images after some samples are taken:

conference fireplace dragon

Real time interaction: https://streamable.com/2z5uj

Requirements: OS: Windows 7/10 Supports DirectX 11. Recommend at least 800MB if you want to load really complex models (buddah or dragon, for example).


WASD to move honrizontally X to move up Z to move down Q to show UI when it's hidden

Use mouse to drag across the screen to look around.

You can drag most fields on UI, such as exposure rate and colors. "L" stands for light vector; it's the direction pointing towards the light, is not required to be normalized.

Enjoy! - Chen