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Delta Updates for mods hosted at Github

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How Delta Updates works?

Delta Updates will only download mod changes, not the whole mod again.
Because it's github-based, it offers stability and consistency. It's impossible to download partial
files: you either download it correctly or don't download it at all, it's how git itself works internally.

How the update from supported websites is preformed:

  • the update process don't modify mods inside game directory, only the directory where user has extracted it
  • update process can be only initiated by player himself, in order to not break desired install state
  • user-created files inside mod folder are untouched

Which update channels would be offered for players:

  • if mod doesn't have any releases or prereleses, offer updates for each new commit
  • if mod has releases, offer to update only if there is a new release
  • if mod has only prereleases, offer updates for new prerelease
  • if mod has both releases and prereleases, offer updates for releases only, do not offer the update for new prereleases unless there is a global option "Allow for prereleases" enabled

How to enable:

Simply add mod metadata file and fill 'Download = ' keyword with the link to you github repository:

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