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Sublime Text 2 & 3 plugin to change numeral system
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Sublime Text 2/3 hex,bin system Plugin

Sublime Text plugin to change numeral system of selected number. Works with ST2 and ST3.


Select number, then use key bindings, "selections" menu or context menu to convert it.

Key bindings

for Windows and Linux

bin->dec ctrl+B, ctrl+D
bin->hex ctrl+B, ctrl+H
hex->dec ctrl+H, ctrl+D
hex->bin ctrl+H, ctrl+B
dec->bin ctrl+D, ctrl+B
dec->hex ctrl+D, ctrl+H

for OSX

bin->dec super+B, super+D
bin->hex super+B, super+H
hex->dec super+H, super+D
hex->bin super+H, super+B
dec->bin super+D, super+B
dec->hex super+D, super+H


Now it works for multiple selections properly.

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