*DEPRECATED* Adds a print option to the backlog which allows you to print the cards for use on a physical scrum board.
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NOTICE - We have deprecated this extension from the Visual Studio Marketplace. The extension will continue to serve as an open source solution and sample extension on GitHub.


This extension adds a print option to the backlog which allows you to print the cards for use on a physical scrum board. Print cards have QR Codes used to bridge the physical and digital boards.


Having a physical scrum board can allow those inside and outside the team a quick view location for the status of the work and the act of moving physical cards has a more real and tangible feel than just clicking on a screen.


  1. Clone this repo
  2. Browse to the folder of the extension
  3. Publish the contents of the extension to a local or cloud web server
  4. The root of the extension should be at the root of the web server, for example: https://myserver/images/fabrikam-logo.png
  5. Update the extension manifest file (extension.json). To do this, update the namespace field to a globally unique value. For example: johnsmith.samples.foldermanagement. Also, update the baseUri field to be the fully qualified URL to the root of your web server, for example: https://myserver
  6. Install the extension into your Visual Studio Team Services account (see https://www.visualstudio.com/en-us/integrate/extensions/publish/overview)


A Visual Studio Team Services project and some work items.


Install the Extension in your account. Go to the backlog and click the print button (in the top right corner of the screen).

Find out more

Check out the Print Cards journal, where you can find out how the extension was created and some of the bumps along the way.

Install the extension here.

In VSO screen shot of Print Cards Printed print cards


Contributions to Print Cards are welcome. Here is how you can contribute to Print Cards:

  • Submit bugs and help us verify fixes
  • Submit pull requests for bug fixes and features and discuss existing proposals

Please refer to Contribution guidelines and the Code of Conduct for more details.

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