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/r/thebutton Python client and bluetooth gatttool wrapper. Includes example code for controlling Bluetooth, Philips Hue and Arduino devices
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The Button Python Client

A simple library for querying the /r/thebutton button.
Includes a gatttool wrapper for interacting with bluetooth devices.

Bluetooth Example

In Action

Bluetooth Example 2

(Uses non-interactive gatt session without the gatt library, thanks to samph)

Philips Hue Example

(Thanks to kaloncheung124) ####In Action

Arduino Example

(Thanks to primehunter326)

A WebSocketApp that automatically updates relevant button data.
Based on


Basic Python wrapper for BlueZ gatttool.
Based on


  • Linux: BlueZ (for gatttool)
  • Bluetooth 4.0 adapter
  • pexpect
  • Tested on Python 2.7+
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