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@barrystyle barrystyle released this Jan 19, 2020

The ALQO team is pleased to announce the release of ALQO wallet version 6.4. This release is NOT mandatory but addresses several issues present in version 6.3. See changelog below.

Issue fixed: 'logging-issues'
Description: Quieten down non-vital logging (p2p and staking kernel)

Issue fixed: 'new-address-on-launch'
Description: Prevent new key creation when keypool is already full

Issue fixed: 'staking-status'
Description: Show correct staking state in RPC

Issue fixed: 'staking-chart'
Description: Correct build environment (fails on QtSvg); fix staking chart

Additional fixes:

Resolved crash on wallet lock/unlock
Correction to prior commit regarding new keys
Remove unused zerocoin code and excessive locking in netstack
Cherrypicked PR#1122 from PIVX-Project/PIVX
Cherrypicked PR#1188 from PIVX-Project/PIVX

Linux: ALQO-v6.4.0.0-7d5f56499-lin64.tgz
Checksum: 709F1DB3820FA27415A40AC5034CB1D5AB1B2FEC146C3F8A886F0275BD4CC415

Legacy-Linux: ALQO-v6.4.0.0-7d5f56499-legacylin64.tgz
Checksum: 5FEF2FAFD9EA2F8CE86D5C3F8305127A514E53B363EF83F08BA4A0D033442566

Mac: ALQO-v6.4.0.0-7d5f56499-mac64.tgz
Checksum: FA147C604FF231D913815E5B1E9F7DA3E57772D61EA702793ED9DEF44A0BE308

Checksum: 1874B12A24DF37F2B7CEAC6AF8718F6AF4F4440AAB1B9841E377BB9C466CEBF8

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Jan 19, 2020
Bump version to 6.4

@barrystyle barrystyle released this Dec 16, 2019 · 16 commits to master since this release


Improved masternode performance/handling
Corrected stake modifier selection algorithm

Note: This is a mandatory update at block 20,000

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