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Rewrite GWT Integration

This enables the HTML5 History.pushState(...) support in your application, which will now use pretty/URLs whenever possible instead of the '#' anchor tag with 'name=value' pairs. Note that you must modify your place tokenization to process the new information.

Get Started

  1. Include Rewrite GWT in your application's POM file:

  2. Include Rewrite GWT in your App.gwt.xml file:

    <inherits name="org.ocpsoft.rewrite.gwt.Rewrite" />
  3. Enable bookmarking by routing some or all URLs back to your host application file. Below is a recommended rule format (replace /index.jsp with the path to your application):

    public class HistoryRewriteConfiguration extends HttpConfigurationProvider
       public static Logger log = Logger.getLogger(HistoryRewriteConfiguration.class);
       public Configuration getConfiguration(ServletContext context)
          return ConfigurationBuilder
       public int priority()
          return 0;
  4. Run your application!


This project is looking for your feedback! What would make your task easier? How can we simplify this experience?


  • Implement GWT 'name=value' pair tokenization mapping support.
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