4th RIO International Workshop - The use of Synchrophasors in Power Systems: An Indispensable Infrastructure in the 21st Century - November 29, 2016; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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4th RIO International Workshop on "The use of Synchrophasors in Power Systems: An Indispensable Infrastructure in the 21st Century"


  • Facilitated through: STINT-CAPES Swedish-Brazillian Collaboration Project “Development of Synchrophasor-Based Applications with Data Obtained from Emulated and Actual Power Systems”(link).
  • November 29th, 2016; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



Luigi Vanfretti, & Glauco N. Taranto. (2016, December). Proceedings of the 4th RIO International Workshop on "The use of Synchrophasors in Power Systems: An Indispensable Infrastructure in the 21st Century", November 29th, 2016; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Zenodo. http://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.213933


  1. Welcome Address and Introduction
  • Prof. Glauco Taranto (COPPE/UFRJ - Brazil)
  • Presentation: (here)
  1. Synchrophasor Applications Facilitating Interactions between Transmission and Distribution Operations
  • Docent and Assistant Prof. Luigi Vanfretti (KTH Royal Institute of Technology – Sweden)
  • Presentation: (here)
  1. Determination of bus frequencies for power systems transient stability models
  • Prof. Federico Milano (University College Dublin, Ireland)
  • Presentation: (here)
  1. Performance Testing of Phasor Measurement Units at CEPEL’s LabPMU
  • Dr. José Eduardo Alves Jr. (CEPEL, Brazil)
  • Presentation: (here)
  1. Perturbations Monitoring and Phasor Measurements (RPMF)
  • Guilherme Zat (FPT Itaipú)
  • Presentation: (here)
  1. Advances in Synchrophasor-Based Wide Area Defence and Control
  • Ricardo Lira (GE, Brazil)
  • Presentation: (here)
  1. OPAL-RT’s Synchrophasor Applications in Real Time: Power Systems, Testing and Development
  • Sergio Atayde del Moral (Opal-RT, Brazil)
  • Presentation: (here)
  1. The Ecuadorian Wide Area Monitoring, Protection and Control System WAMPAC
  • Dr. Jaime Cepeda (CENACE, Ecuador)
  • Presentation: (here)
  1. Time Synchronization Analysis and Its Impact on PMU Applications
  • Rafael Fernandes (ONS, Brazil)
  • Presentation: (here)


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  1. M. A. R. Guimarães, J. C. S. de Souza and M. B. do Coutto Filho, “Enhanced Bad Data Processing by Phasor-Aided State Estimation”, UFF.


A few pictures of the event are available in this repository, please follow this (link).

Below is one of the panel session: