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KTH software to check/VI TUTORIAL PROJECTS

Babelfish V1

This version is Final Version and it contains following features:

  1. The will be run continuously as usual, except the PDC_Process_Dlg.exe will pop up automatically, that is user does have to run it independently from the PDC_Process_Dlg.exe folder.
  2. Remember that the path of the PDC_Process_Dlg.exe must be correctly set! There is a box in the that is the path of the PDC_Process_Dlg.exe and must be changed per its folder.(Attention!!)
  3. No changes have been done to PDC_Process_Dlg.exe or the Module1.dll, and decodInf.dll.

Software Required:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (Ultimate)
  • Labview 2012 (or newer)

Instructions to Install:

  1. Download the source files on your local computer.
  2. You will find the following folders:
  • 0-PDC-SW
  • KTH software to check
  1. Copy both folders under 'C:'
  2. Open three different instances of VC++ as administrator
  3. Open in one of the VC++ instances: 'C:\0-PDC-SW\PDC Project 2010_DLLS\DecodInf\DecodInf.sln' and build it.
  4. Open in a different VC++ instance: 'C:\0-PDC-SW\PDC Project 2010_DLLS\Module1\Module1.sln' and build it
  5. Open in a third different VC++ instance the file: 'C:\0-PDC-SW\PDC Project 2010_PROCESS\PDC_Process_Dlg\PDC_Process_Dlg.sln' and build it.
  6. Go to the folder: 'C:\0-PDC-SW\PDC Project 2010_PROCESS\PDC_Process_Dlg\Debug' and right click on the file: 'PDC_Process_Dlg.exe'. Make sure that it is run under Windows 7 (option checked) and also that the option "to run it as administrator" is checked.
  7. Open Labview as admin
  8. Open the file: 'C:\KTH software to check\VI TUTORIAL PROJECTS\'
  9. Open the PDC simulator executable: PDCSimulator.exe
  10. Uncheck: "Enable UDP Unicast"
  11. Start the simulator
  12. Run the Labview with the double arrow. You will see the VC++ dialog box, Click "Configuration Frame 2" and you can check in the PDCSimulator that it received a "send configuration frame 2"
  13. Then you can follow the video for operating the Labview

In order to learn more about the BabelFish V1, the readers are suggested to see these documentations (1) White Paper about BFv1! and (2) BFv1 Presentation!