CIM-2-Modelica Model Transformation Tool
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CIM to Modelica Model Transformation Tool

Working space setup:

The executable an resoruces to run the tool can be found under the ./dist folder.
Create a working folder where to download and place the required files for
testing, following this steps:
  1. Copy inside the working folder the cim2modelica.jar file (It contains
    the necessary libraries to run the code)
  2. Copy the ./res/ folder and its content, into the working folder. Make
    sure that the ./res/ folder contains the following files:
    • The folder ./res/map/, which contains the mapping rules.
    • The folder ./res/network/ containing the network models' CIM files

Using the tool in command line:

Open a console terminal and go to the working directory where you have
placed the cim2modelica.jar file. Use the command:
java –jar cim2modelica.jar –d <model_name> <relativePathFolderCIMFiles>
  1. Option –d indicates that the input parameter of the .jar file is the
    folder relative path that contains the CIM profile files.
  2. <model_name> - name for the resulting Modelica model.
  3. The <relativePathFolderCIMFiles> indicates the folder where the
    the CIM profiles’ files are stored, i.e. ./res/network/cim_model/. The folder
    must contain the following profiles:
    • xxx_EQ.xml - equipment profile CIM file.
    • xxx_TP.xml - topology profile CIM file.
    • xxx_SV.xml - state variable profile CIM file
    • xxx_DY.xml - dynamics profile CIM file

e.g. java -jar ./cim2modelica.jar -d defaultNetwork ./res/network/Kundur_2Area_ES_2017/

Use the option –p to indicate the relative path of the profile files
individually, in the following order:
java –jar cim2modelica.jar –p <model_name> <relativePath/xxx_EQ.xml>
<relativePath/xxx_TP.xml> <relativePath/xxx_SV.xml> <relativePath/xxx_DY.xml>

e.g. java -jar ./cim2modelica.jar -p defaultNetwork ./res/network/Kundur_2Area_ES_2017/Benchmark_4ger_SEXS_ESDC1A_2017_EQ.xml ./res/network/Kundur_2Area_ES_2017/Benchmark_4ger_SEXS_ESDC1A_2017_TP.xml ./res/network/Kundur_2Area_ES_2017/Benchmark_4ger_SEXS_ESDC1A_2017_SV.xml ./res/network/Kundur_2Area_ES_2017/Benchmark_4ger_SEXS_ESDC1A_2017_DY.xml