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Latest Version set to 1810091
Pre Release Build 1.8.1

[ALL] Updated version to
[SUP_COMBATSUPPORT] Fix font for arty out of ammo (#556)
[MIL_C2ISTAR] Fix task autogeneration params (#554) Fixes #552
[MIL_C2ISTAR] Toggle tasking on custom mil obj (#553)
-New module parameter added to custom military objectives
-Allows mission maker to disable C2ISTAR MilAssault/MilDefend player tasking on custom military objectives
-New global variable ALIVE_clustersMilCustom to track custom military objectives
-Allow access to custom military objective clusters without coupling the code too much. (Hacky) fix for #542
[SUP_COMBATSUPPORT] Fix deletion from arty array (#551) Only the correct global arty array is manipulated when an arty asset is respawned. Also, only one asset is removed from the global array on each call. Fixes #550
[SYS_PROFILE] Flying planes spawn more reliably (#547)
-Planes were spawned too close to the ground. This is an engine problem as height is ignored on createVehicle with "FLY." Planes are given a boost directly after spawning to better workaround nose dive issue.
-ALIVE_fnc_profileGetGoodSpawnPosition no longer sets position of profiles. Only returns a position.
-Minor fixes to ensure profile position is in ATL Workaround fix for #521
-Also use weaponState for getting weapon mode
-Use weaponState instead of currentMuzzle to handle units being in a vehicle properly (fixes #548)
[MIL_C2ISTAR] Ensure logic is grabbed before use (#544) -Fixes #536 Make sure _unitAssignments is an array
[SUP_COMBATSUPPORT] Talk to transport pilot outside (#533)
[SUP_COMBATSUPPORT] Talk to transport pilot outside
-Adds feature #532. Hard coded max talk range to 50m, 2D distance, to match max insertion height.
[SUP_COMBATSUPPORT] Fixed bug in talk to pilot outside feature
-Reverted variable init back to original state
[SYS_COMBATSUPPORT] Fix missing NEO_radioTalkWithPilot checks
-Getting sitrep
-Clicking on tablet map
-Lazy eval for talk to pilot
-Style changes
-Remove space from if/else statements
[SUP_COMBATSUPPORT] CS waits for order after sling load unhook (#535)
[SUP_COMBATSUPPORT] CS waits for order after sling load -Fixes #459
[SUP_COMBATSUPPORT] More descriptive msg for sling load completion
-Get rid of unnecessary changes in FSM
[SUP_COMBATSUPPORT] Fix ETA on RTB Transport/CAS (#540)
[SUP_COMBATSUPPORT] Fix ETA on RTB Transport/CAS -Fixes #539
-Propagate CS base position to everyone

@DarrellJMartin DarrellJMartin released this Aug 24, 2018 · 13 commits to Release since this release

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Latest Version set to 1808241
Release Build 1.8.0

[ALL] Updated version to clusterbuild 1.84.144923 - Public Stable
[INDEX] ADO Tropica by @Vegas
[SUP_COMBATSUPPORT] Fixes ALiVEOS/ALiVE.OS#523 Artillery ammo is now grabbed from the main turret's magazine array in the vehicle config file. This change ensures the correct shells are returned for each faction's artillery pieces. Note, the tanks DLC introduced separate shells for OPFOR artillery pieces.
[INDEX] South East Angola 1974 by @HeroesandvillainsOS
[SYS_SITREP] Add ammo level BLACK to sitrep
[MIL_OPCOM] Fire event on asymmetric installation destruction
[X_LIB] Remove deprecated code
[SYS_PROFILE] Prevent units from overshooting waypoints when simulation isn't running fast enough
[SYS_PATROLREP] Add ammo state BLACK
[VARIOUS] Fix BIS population module CIV_F classes
[FNC_ANALYSIS] Ensure _position variable is defined.
[SYS_PROFILE] Add curators to spawn source list

@DarrellJMartin DarrellJMartin released this Jul 17, 2018 · 27 commits to Release since this release

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Latest Version set to 1807171
Release Build 1.7.1

[ALL] Updated version to
[FNC_ANALYSIS] Fix incorrect method call to profileEntity
[FNC_LIVEANALYSIS] Fix issue where analysis called the incorrect marker function.
[SYS_PROFILE] Fix unprivatized variable in "getProfile" operation
[SYS_PROFILE] Ensure Static Data is loaded before use
[MAIN] Add warning to static data handler if called from unscheduled environment

Jul 12, 2018
[ALL] Updated version to clusterbuild 1.82.144710 - Pub…
…lic Stable

@DarrellJMartin DarrellJMartin released this Jul 12, 2018 · 33 commits to Release since this release

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Latest Version set to 1807121
Release Build 1.7.0

  • [ALL] Updated version to clusterbuild 1.82.144710 - Public Stable
  • [INDEX] Update Kunduz index by @HeroesandvillainsOS
  • [FNC_ANALYSIS] Fix issue where bool was returned rather than marker for live analysis
  • [MIL_ATO] Don't resupply aircraft and pilots when a base is unavailable
  • [MAIN] Add CFP logistics
  • [MAIN] Add CFP static data
  • [MAIN] Add static data for CFP
  • [SYS_PROFILE][X_LIB] Minor optimizations to spacial_grid, spawn sources now includes ALiVE_SpawnSources var
  • [SYS_PROFILE] Use faster and more readable method of combining spawn sources
  • [SYS_PROFILE] Profile System destroy operation now terminates profile spawning and simulation
  • [SYS_PROFILE] select -> params
  • [SYS_PROFILE] Fix spawn radius for vehicle spawn sources, Fix profiles outside of one spawn source's range but inside another's from despawning
  • [SYS_PROFILE] Profile simulation and spawning no longer continues while game is paused
  • [SYS_PROFILE] Slow down profile combat slightly
  • [MAIN] Add function that detects when the game is paused (for stopping simulations)
  • [SYS_PROFILE] fnc_getNearProfiles now supports a custom filter
  • [SYS_PROFILE] Switch params to select where possible, use params to prevent error
  • [SYS_PROFILE] Change profile simulation to a per-frame operation
  • [SYS_PROFILE] Optimize profile system, use custom map bounds for spacial grid when necessary
  • [SYS_PROFILE] Allow profile spawner to combine nearby spawn sources into a single spawn source to reduce unnecessary work
  • [SYS_PROFILE] Optimize profile handler
  • [X_LIB] Allow spacial grid to filter using 2D position
  • [SYS_PROFILE] Remove Profile Entitiies from combat when spawned
  • [SYS_PROFILE] Optimize profile attack creation
  • [SYS_PROFILE] Add ability to filter for mulitple factions and test positions with 2D distance
  • [SYS_PROFILE][X_LIB] tabs to spaces
  • [SYS_PROFILE] Allow profile spawning/despawning to be paused
  • [X_LIB] Allow spacialGrid to properly handle values outside of map bounds
  • [X_LIB] move default operation for baseclasshash to bottom of switch
  • [SYS_PROFILE] Switch profileSpawner to use new spacial grid
  • [SYS_PROFILE] optimize getProfile operation for profilehandler
  • [SYS_PROFILE] profileVehicle class optimizations
  • [SYS_PROFILE] profileEntity class optimizations
  • [SYS_PROFILE] profile class optimizations
  • [SYS_PROFILE] Add option for fnc_getNearProfiles to retrieve profiles from all sides or types
  • [SYS_PROFILE] Optimize fnc_getNearProfiles
  • [SYS_PROFILE] Integrate spacial grid for profiles, getNearProfiles
  • [INDEX] Cao Bang by @mr-bo-jangles
  • [MIL_CQB] Fix issue where CQB factions could be an empty array causing problems down the line
  • [INDEX] Napf by @JD_Wang
  • [MIL_C2ISTAR][SYS_PROFILE] bug fixes, private/params optimizations
  • [X_LIB] Improve performance of spatial grid, only insert items in move operation if the item already exists in the grid
  • [X_LIB] Ease-of-use improvements for spacial grid
  • [x_lIb] Added spacial grid
  • [INDEX] Porto index by Heroes (#513)
  • [X_LIB] BIS_fnc_admin returns 0 on hosted, add check that works for hosted

@DarrellJMartin DarrellJMartin released this Apr 27, 2018 · 83 commits to Release since this release

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Latest Version set to 1804271
Release Build 1.6.1

[ALL] Updated version to
[MAIN] Adding support for CFP factions
[SYS_ORBATCREATOR] Add 2 mags for each weapon on spawn.

@DarrellJMartin DarrellJMartin released this Apr 11, 2018 · 86 commits to Release since this release

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Latest Version set to 1804112
Pre Release Build 1.6.0

[ALL] Updated version to clusterbuild 1.82.144647 - Public Stable (Tanks DLC)
* Fixed two crashes (#504)
* Allow enableDebugConsole to be an array
* Use BIS_fnc_admin also
* Fixed two crashes
* Tabs to spaces...
* Spaces to tab...
* Tabs to spaces again ^^
* Fixed enableDebugConsole as array && admin menu reworked (#478)
* Allow enableDebugConsole to be an array
* Use BIS_fnc_admin also
* AdminAction Style/Script reworked
* Tabs to spaces
[MAIN] Add CFP Al-Qaeda logistics
[MAIN] Add CFP Afghan Police logistics
[MAIN] Add logistics for CFP Iraqi Police
[MAIN] Update CFP logistics for Taliban
[X_LIB] Added more camera shots for xStream
[SYS_XSTREAM] WIP functions added. Refactored to use camera functions.
[MAIN] Add logistics support for CFP Afghan Army faction
[SYS_ORBATCREATOR] Fix loadout override check
* Fix 498 Indexing cuts off lines in static data
* Fix locality
* PatchRescue
[SYS_ORBATCREATOR] Add basic weapon, item and magazine config to unit export. Support disabling of ORBAT loadouts for those that wish to edit loadouts in 3DEN.
[MAIN] Add 3DEN object attribute to disable ORBAT Creator loadouts. Supports factions created with ALiVE version 1.5.4 and above.
[ALIVECLIENT] Fixed DLL issue for exporting factions to file.
[SYS_ORBATCREATOR] Add ability to export ORBAT Creator factions editor previews and configs.
[X_LIB] Add function that allows export of editor previews from ORBAT Creator.
[MAIN] Add CUP Takistan civilian weapons, Add CFP middle eastern civilian weapons
[INDEX] Chernarus Redux by @HeroesandvillainsOS
* Remove RHS UH60 MEV variants from air transport static data
[SYS_ORBATCREATOR] Add fix so that ammo crate generation supports newly created factions (not just those in config).
[SYS_ORBATCREATOR] Added function to auto generate faction specific supply crates.
[MAIN] Add more CFP logistics entries
[INDEX] IFA3 Staszow (Winter) by @HeroesandvillainsOS
[INDEX] IFA3 Neaville (Winter) by @HeroesandvillainsOS
[INDEX] IFA3 Neaville by @HeroesandvillainsOS
[INDEX] IFA3 Ivachev (Winter) by @HeroesandvillainsOS
[INDEX] I44 Merderet (Winter) by @HeroesandvillainsOS
[INDEX] IFA3 Colleville (Winter) by @HeroesandvillainsOS
[INDEX] IFA3 Baranow (Winter) by @HeroesandvillainsOS
[INDEX] IFA3 Volkhov Forest by @HeroesandvillainsOS
[INDEX] IFA3 Bray Dunes 1940 - Dunkirk by @HeroesandvillainsOS
[INDEX] IFA3 Aachen Outskirts by @HeroesandvillainsOS
[INDEX] Isla Duala by @HeroesandvillainsOS

@DarrellJMartin DarrellJMartin released this Feb 6, 2018 · 123 commits to Release since this release

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Latest Version set to 1801061
Pre Release Build 1.5.3

[ALL] Updated version to
[ALL] Use A3 dikCodes instead of CBA's
[INDEX] Updated Prei Khmaoch Luong (again)
[createRoadblock] fixed nil return to array to fix an error (#475)

  • Update fnc_createRoadblock.sqf
  • fixed description
  • optimised one statment (no time for more)
  • it was possible to return NIL, but ALiVE_fnc_INS_helpers need everytime an array, fixed
  • fixed wrong select
  • I've been bamboozled
    [MIL_OPCOM] Fix starting forces persistence
    [MIL_C2ISTAR] Improved handling of _target input in fnc_TaskRequest

@DarrellJMartin DarrellJMartin released this Dec 7, 2017 · 129 commits to Release since this release

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Latest Version set to 1712071
Release Build 1.5.2

[ALL] Updated version to clusterbuild 1.80.143751 - Public Stable Hotfix (Tac-Ops DLC)
[MAIN] Add CFP logistics.
[INDEX] Update Prei Khmaoch Luong index by @HeroesandvillainsOS
[MIL_ATO] Added default values to fix errors if ATO ran out of assets (fix #487)

@DarrellJMartin DarrellJMartin released this Dec 5, 2017 · 134 commits to Release since this release

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Latest Version set to 1712051
Release Build 1.5.1

[ALL] Updated version to clusterbuild 1.78.143717 - Public Stable (Tac-Ops DLC)
[MIL_LOGISTICS] Fixed enum error
[MIL_ATO] Fix ATO creating corrupt profiles (fix #485)
[SYS_ACEMENU] Do away with some logging remnants, and clarify others
[MIL_PLACEMENT_CUSTOM] Handle custom composition lookup to prevent init errors (#471)
[MIL_IED] specify enum after BIS 1.78 changes
[CIV_PLACEMENT] Exit gracefully on creation of roadblocks, if no dominant faction is present (fix #480)
[INDEX] Kastellorizo. Thanks to Beckerman!
[MIL_ATO] Took me ages to fix this user error...