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@DarrellJMartin DarrellJMartin released this Feb 6, 2021

Latest Version set to 2102061
Release Build 1.13.2

[ALL] Updated version to - Hotfix 1 - clusterbuild 2.00.146773 - Public Stable (Game Update 2.00)
[ORBAT] Revert - "Fix faction classname casing inconsistencies". This reverts commit d45e653.

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@DarrellJMartin DarrellJMartin released this Feb 1, 2021

Latest Version set to 2102011
Release Build 1.13.1

[ALL] Updated version to
[INDEX] Reindexed Chernarus 2020, using CUP Terrains Maps - 2.0 DEV release from December 26th.
[SYS_PLAYEROPTIONS] Fix for stacked Ctrl EventHandlers.
-Fixed issue where stacked processes within an event handler would no longer fire once the first process returned true.
-Fixed small spacing issue.
-Can't identify any further impact of changing this value.
[INDEX] pja305 reindex.
[SYS_MARKER] Add Restore option to Player Menu.
-Added the ability for a player to restore the marker store locally.

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@DarrellJMartin DarrellJMartin released this Jan 4, 2021

Latest Version set to 2101104
Pre Release Build 1.13.0

[ALL] Updated version to clusterbuild 2.00.146773 - Public Stable (Game Update 2.00)
[SYS_PROFILE] Fixed mechanized/armored units not moving after spawning [issue 720]
[MIL_LOGISTICS] Fixed that for you
[MIL_LOGISTICS] add option to disable air transport
[MIL_COMMAND] Improvements to Ambushes and IED placements. Added APERS threat
[CIV/MIL PLACEMENT] CP/MP Debug Improvement
-When CP/MP/AMBCP placements cannot find a location within a TAOR it will now debug the TAOR name to assist with troubleshooting.
[SYS_LOGISTICS] Fixed Drop Object addAction
[AMB_CIV_POPULATION] Item Classname Update
-Fixed classnames to align with latest update.
-Fixed stringtable reference.
[AMB_CIV_POPULATION] Update CfgVehicles.hpp
-Fixed max load on the ALiVE Humrat Crate
[AMB_CIV_POPULATION] Convert to Stringtable
[AMB_CIV_POPULATION] Converted new module setting to stringtables.
[AMB_CIV_POPULATION] Added ALiVE Humanitarian Crate
-Added an ALiVE weapons crate that comes prefilled with 100 rice bags & 100 water bottles.
-Added a Macro to add Items (thanks ACE)
-Added ACEX as a toggleable feature, defaults to off.
-General clean up
[AMB_CIV_POPULATION] Drafting updates
-Privatised local variables
-Modified item mass for the Water & Humrat items
-Removed unused code from fnc_civilianPopulationSystemInit
-Moved STRING to SCALAR conversion on init
[AMB_CIV_POPULATION] Update CfgWeapons.hpp
-Fixed indent
[AMB_CIV_POPULATION] Humanitarian Aid Addition
-Adding the ability to provide Civilians with Humanitarian rations & water bottles for a chance to decrease sector hostility.
-ACEX Compat, if no ACEX then will use custom ALiVE inventory items.
-Configurable limits on the amount of Aid allowed to be given to a single Civilian.
-Configurable percentage on the likelyhood of decreasing sector hostility once Aid is provided.
-Integrated into the current ALiVE interact menu.
-Shotout to @LewisSO for modifying the A3 Water Bottle & Rice Bag objects.
[AMB_CIV_POP] Remove non-existing operation "enableInteraction" on init to fix log-spam
[MIL_C2ISTAR] Fix Task "Destroy Installation" not working via Command Tablet since forever (wtf again)
[MIL_OPCOM] Add some logging
[MIL_OPCOM] Rearrange some FSM stuff
[MIL_OPCOM] Give variables more sensible names
[MIL_OPCOM] Initial fix for OPCOM stalling on "no groups available" (pending cleanup et all)
[SUP_COMBATSUPPORT] Add slingload and unhook tasks to list of tasks for transport
[INDEX] Remove backup file
[SYS_LOGISTICS] Vehicle Damage Persistence Fix (#703)
-Initial Commit - Better Vehicle Damage Persistence
-Initial Commit
-Create & add pointdamage value to Hash
-Creation of ALiVE_fnc_getObjectPointDamage & ALiVE_fnc_setObjectPointDamage
-Fixed documentation on ALiVE_fnc_getObjectDamage & ALiVE_fnc_setObjectDamage
-ObjectPointDamage persists on object update
-ObjectPointDamage only set on CfgVehicles of Land, Ship & Air during persistence load.
-Backwards compatible, if no data in the hash for ASL_HP then fallback to setObjectDamage until the object is updated.
-Error handling
-Update fnc_setObjectPointDamage.sqf
-Removed incorrect documentation
-Substitute BIS_fnc_param for Params
-Replace occurrences of BIS_fnc_param with Params
[SYS_PLAYER] Add radio items ignoring inventory space limits (#702)
-For compatibility with mods that add ItemRadio to backpacks with no inventory space
[INDEX] Weferlingen Winter Index - first pass (#674)
[INDEX] Chongo index by Rasa
[INDEX] Ruha index by AndreaG97
[INDEX] Summa Winter index by AndreaG97
[INDEX] Re-index of Isla Abramia by Kirumy
[INDEX] Mull of Kintyre index by @vegas
[INDEX] Update Rosche, Germany index by JerkinMerkin
[X_LIB] Fix custom variables not being persisted over several sessions
[MIL_CQB] Decrease chance of clipping static weapons
[SYS_PROFILE] Just what?
[INDEX] + VT7 Index (#669) VT7 Map Index
[SYS_PLAYER] Cleanup acre compatibility (#700)
[SYS_LOGISTICS] Replace ACRE Radios with Base Classes on Persistence Load (#699)
-Fix for ALiVE issue #695
-Replaces ACRE unique ID's with Radio Base Class on persistence load.
-Tested with ACRE, CBA & ALiVE
-Tested with only CBA & ALiVE
[FNC_ANALYSIS] Fixup lingor3 index
[INDEX] Livonia Index
[MAIN] Re-add CFB usarmy logistics files
[ORBAT_CREATOR] Fix faction classname casing inconsistencies
[MAIN] Revert "Added CFP Logistics for 2003 and 1991 US Army Factions (#688)"
-This reverts commit f65bc51.
[MAIN] Added CFP Logistics for 2003 and 1991 US Army Factions (#688)
[MIL_LOGISTICS] Fix that fecking swarms of hovering transport helis! Chapter 1. feat. SurfaceIsWater! (wtf)
[AMB_CIV_POP] Another go for invalid vars in crowds
[AMB_CIV_POP] Fix for _civClasses and _houseCivClasses errors
[SYS_PROFILE] Improvement to workaround for abandoned vehicles
[SYS_PROFILE] Workaround for abandoned vehicles! Needs further investigation around unassigned vehicle/entities in sys profile.
[SYS_PROFILE] Fixed if a player entered a profiled vehicle it was not unregistered properly and an error was thrown
[SYS_PROFILE] Fix for ProfileSpawner spawning/despawning loops
-Prevent additional backpacks (#672)
-Additional backpacks spawn on player restore previous state, andprobably other player state loads

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@DarrellJMartin DarrellJMartin released this Feb 13, 2020

Latest Version set to 2002131
Release Build 1.12.1

[ALL] Updated version to
[AMB_CIV_POPULATION] Fix missing closing tags, remove duplicate item
[AMB_CIV_POPULATION] feat(civPop): localizable interactions with civilian population
[MIL_CQB] Revert "keeping tradition". This reverts commit 22f6659.
[MIL_CQB] Revert "massive improvements to spawning behavior and performance". This reverts commit 13fa444.
[MIL_CQB] Revert "Optimize and improve group spawning". This reverts commit ec2a9e0.
[MIL_CQB] Revert "setfsmvariable is a dedicated command btw". This reverts commit 4dc692d.
[MIL_CQB] Revert "Fix improper FSM exit code". This reverts commit 37df416.
[MIL_CQB] Revert "Rework CQB activation code to be more clear". This reverts commit 9451304.
[MIL_CQB] Revert "Remove .. debug code" This reverts commit 4dacf0e.
[MIL_OPCOM] Adjusted action distance from 2.5 to 3
[MIL_OPCOM] Changed how we handle checkpoints removal action
[COMPOSITIONS] Removed composition vehicles for future scripting
[AMB_CIV_POPULATION] Fix issue where position is not found when civilians are fleeing.
[MIL_CQB] Remove .. debug code
[MIL_CQB] Rework CQB activation code to be more clear
[MIL_CQB] Fix improper FSM exit code
[MIL_CQB] setfsmvariable is a dedicated command btw

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@DarrellJMartin DarrellJMartin released this Feb 4, 2020

Latest Version set to 2002041
Release Build 1.12.0

[ALL] Updated version to
[INDEX] Chernarus 2020 Release Index

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@DarrellJMartin DarrellJMartin released this Jan 29, 2020

Latest Version set to 2001291
Release Build 1.11.5

[ALL] Updated version to clusterbuild 1.96.146114 - Public Stable
[SYS_ORBATCREATOR] Fix export for uniformless units
[MIL_CQB] Cleanup some PR weirdness
-Fix issue where custom units that inherited from other custom units would fail if the parent unit was deleted
-Fix issue where editing a custom faction that relied on other mods and existed in config would output bad CfgPatches
-Fix issue where factions containing units from many sides would not display properly in the unit creation screen
-Allow editing of crew for static weapons
-Performance improvements for the edit vehicle screen
Fix issue where some units were exported without using the generated importer class
-many more
[SYS_ADMINACTIONS] Always have a proper return in waitUntil (#658)
[SUP_COMBATSUPPORT] Remove extra crew spawns (support) (#657) or, replace BIS_fnc_spawnCrew with createVehicleCrew
[X_LIB] Dont spawn ai when the mod maker requests so (#655)
[ORBAT_CREATOR] Use config name for group category display name
[x_lib] Revert optimize getDominantFunction. This reverts commit fcaaca7.
[MIL_CQB] Optimize and improve group spawning
[X_LIB] optimize getDominantFunction
[MIL_CQB] massive improvements to spawning behavior and performance
[SYS_PROFILE] Obsessive optimization of profile spawner
[X_LIB] Reduce network impact of ALiVE_fnc_xxxRemote functions
[X_LIB] Optimize spacial grid. ~50% increase in speed for findInRange
[MIL_CQB] keeping tradition. Recognise dynamic loadout vehicles as armed count getPylonMagazines _veh would also work, sticking with accessing the config for consistency
[X_LIB] Blacklist buildings from CQB spawns
[INDEX] Couple of map indexes by @diveyez (#648)
-Country Letrim, Northern Ireland
-MOUT Town
[SYS_PROFILE] Fix simulated attacks not playing when game was sped up
[ALL] Appease Wang
[MIL_OPCOM] Fix enemy scanning returning wrong results

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@DarrellJMartin DarrellJMartin released this Oct 21, 2019

Latest Version set to 1910211
Pre Release Build 1.11.4

[ALL] Updated version to clusterbuild 1.94.145977 - Public Stable (Contact DLC)
[SYS_ACEMENU] Fix running before NEO_radioLogic init
[INDEX] Kobbvatn Index. No Military. (#646)
[INDEX] A bunch of map indexes by @diveyez
-Diyala Iraq
-Avgani Index
-Arc Farkhar
-HazarKot Valley
-FRL Sbenah
-Tora Bora
-Northen Warizistan Pakistan
-Reshmaan Province
-FRL Kunduz CUP
-G.O.S. N'Ziwasogo
[INDEX] Anizay Reindex without Recat (#642)
[SYS_PLAYER] Give acre radios by base class (#622)
[X_LIB] Optimize ALiVE_fnc_sortBy using apply command
[INDEX] Kujari index without recat (#629)
[SYS_PROFILE] Keep vehicle profile alive when player gets in AI-controlled vehicle
[SYS_PROFILE] Properly handle a value of -1 for UAV spawn radius
[SYS_PROFILE] Add separate spawn range option for UAV, Allow for spawn ranges to change after mission start
[MIL_CQB] Allow custom static weapon classnames
[VARIOUS] AddAction params changed by BIS, set sensible range/update to use radius field (#613)
-Set interact distance (default is 50)
-Use BIS radius condition instead

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@DarrellJMartin DarrellJMartin released this May 29, 2019

Latest Version set to 1905291
Release Build 1.11.3

[ALL] Updated version to
[MIL_C2ISTAR] restrict combat support via items (#611) (Fixes #610)

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@DarrellJMartin DarrellJMartin released this May 28, 2019

Latest Version set to 1905281
Release Build 1.11.2

[ALL] Updated version to
[AMB_CIVS] Add rank as a filter for access to civ interact.
[AMB_CIVS] For the Wang and for the IMMURSHUN
[AMB_CIVS] Set civ interaction default setting (false).
[AMB_CIVS] civ interact for everyone!
[FNC_ANALYSIS] generate dummy sector data when no index is found

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May 28, 2019
[ALL] Updated version to