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I'm Dmitry Marakasov, Free Software developer. My primary languages are C++ and Python, interests include FreeBSD, software packaging, software portability, F/OSS gamedev and improving Free Software, Hardware, and Data ecosystem in general. I try to contribute to everything I can get my hands on.

My most notable projects and contributions are:

  • I maintain over 350 ports and have made over 15k commits to FreeBSD ports collection.
  • I'm author of Repology, a service which aggregates packaging information from over 300 repositories for the benefit of software authors and package maintainers.
  • I maintain some C++ libraries:
    • libversion - a library to compare software versions in all their variety;
    • libSDLpp - C++ wrapper for SDL.
  • I maintain some Python modules:
    • aesqlapius - a tool to conveniently organize SQL queries and use them as Python API;
    • jsonslicer - a fast stream parser for large JSON files;
    • libversion - a python wrapper for libversion listed above.
  • I've reimplemented XKCD #1608 "Hoverboard" game as a native application.
  • I maintain some third party projects abandoned by their authors:
    • flops - a small benchmark by Al Aburto;
    • Trip on the Funny Boat - a side scrolling arcade shooter game by Pekka "pekuja" Kujansuu et al.;
    • QNetWalk - a game for system administrators by Andi Peredri.
  • In the past I've actively contributed to OpenStreetMap and have written some related tools:
    • tiletool - a map tile processing tool;
    • opening_hours.js, a javascript library to parse and process opening hours format used in OSM;
    • glosm, a realtime 3D OpenStreetMap renderer;
    • streetmangler, a street name normalization tool for OSM.
  • I took part in making classic Vangers game cross-platform and available under Linux.
  • I've contributed to hundreds other F/OSS projects.

That is roughly what I write about in this blog.