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Private FreeBSD ports overlay with ports which are work-in-progress
or are in sme way not really suitable for the official tree.
+Please consult individual ports' AMDmi3-README.txt files for more info.
+Fields which may be encountered in these files:
+ Source of a port if it was not written from scratch by me. It may
+ be other person, or the port may be based on existing one from the
+ ports collection.
+ A port may be on various stages of completion (it may fetch only
+ but not build, build or not install, install but no deinstall
+ cleanly etc.). "Full" means the port is complete and has everything
+ to be committed into the ports collection.
+ Even if port builds and install successfully, it may be not fully
+ useable - there may be bugs, missing features or it may segfault.
+ "Full" means that there was some testing and there were no known
+ problems.
+Not in tree:
+ Reason the port is not committed to the FreeBSD ports tree. It may
+ be incomplete (see Complete field), it may not work as it should
+ (see Usability field), there may be license issues or I just don't
+ see it useable enough for the tree (e.g. library with no consumers).
+ In the latter case, if you need it please contact me and I'll commit
+ it right away.
+ Date and result of last tinderbox ([1]) testing, which is used to
+ confirm that the port builds and installs successfully and deinstalls
+ cleanly. I usually use jails with latest releases in all stable
+ branches (for the time of this writing, these are 7.4-RELEASE and
+ 8.2-RELEASE), both i386 and amd64, with additional jail with
+ non-default PREFIX/LOCALBASE/X11BASE setting. One of the jails also
+ tests various OPTIONS combinations (for each option, it builds the
+ port with this options switched to non-default state) and with
+Dmitry Marakasov <>
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