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Trip on the Funny Boat

This game was made for the second PyWeek competition during the week from
25.3.2006 to 2.4.2006. All source code and data was created from scratch by the
project team during this time, apart from the font and the collision detection
library used in the game (detailed below in "License").

You play the role of a steamboat captain on the wild seas populated by sharks,
pirates, minefields and the occasional seagull.

Game modes:

Story mode: In the story mode, you will go through five different phases of
play, and then face the final boss in the sixth phase. The story mode starts
easy, but you should find it quite challenging in the last phases.

Endless mode: Endless mode will put you up against waves after waves of enemies,
with twelve different phases. Endless mode is very challenging, but it's the
only way to get the big high scores. :-)

Power ups:

There are little health power ups that give you one heart back if you have lost
them while battling enemies. You have a total of five hearts and if you lose all
of them, you will die, so be sure to take all the power ups that come your way.


Shark: The sharks jump out of the water, so you'll have to time your shooting

Mine: The mines won't try any tricks on you, but make sure that you're on a high
wave or jumping when it comes your way.

Pirate ship: These bastards shoot you with their cannons. You'll have to shoot
them back twice before they sink. Touching them doesn't hurt you so you might be
able to sail through them if you watch their cannon fire carefully.


The source code is provided under the GNU GPL licence version 2. (see

The graphics, sound effects and music are provided under the MIT License.
(see LICENSE-MEDIA.txt) 

The Vera Sans font is made by Bitstream Inc. and it can't be sold by itself,
but can otherwise be used freely. See for details.

The PixelPerfect collision detection library was created by John Eriksson in
2006 and is under public domain. It can be found on mr. Eriksson's website at

System Requirements:
Minimum of 500Mhz processor

Python 2.4   (
PyGame 1.7   (


Left cursor key  / Joystick or gamepad left:      Move left
Right cursor key / Joystick or gamepad right:     Move right
Up cursor key    / Joystick or gamepad button #1: Jump
Space bar        / Joystick or gamepad button #2: Shoot with cannon
                                                  Hold for 3 seconds and then
                                                  release for a special shot!

S key            / Joystick or gamepad button #6: Save screenshot as sshotXX.tga
P key            / Joystick or gamepad button #9: Pause the game.

Original Credits:

Pekka "pekuja" Kujansuu:    Code, graphics and sound effects.
                            E-mail: "pekuja <at> iki <dot> fi"
Olli "Hectigo" Etuaho:      Graphics and code.
                            E-mail: "admin <at> hectigo <dot> net"
Joona "JDruid" Karjalainen: Music
                            E-mail: "jhkarja2 <at> cc <dot> hut <dot> fi"

Additional Credits:

Konstantin Yegupov:         New features and bugfixes in version 1.3


Trip on the Funny Boat is side scrolling arcade shooter game, fixed to work with python3 and semi-maintained



GPL-2.0, MIT licenses found

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