Translationally invariant MERA
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Translationally invariant Multi-scale Entanglement Renormalisation Ansatz (MERA)

This contains MATLAB functions to run a variational update on translationally invariant MERA. This was made for a tutorial as part of the "Quantum Coffee" meetings at MPQ, given on the 13/10/2016.

The MERA concept was first created by G. Vidal:

G. Vidal, Phys. Rev. Lett. 99, 220405 (2007).

But the code is based on the more verbose paper by G. Evenbly and G.vidal:

G. Evenbly and G. Vidal, Phys. Rev. B 79, 144108 (2009).

Additional functions required to run the scripts here are:

ncon: R. N. C. Pfeifer, G. Evenbly, S. Singh, G. Vidal, arXiv:1402.0939.

netcon: R. N. C. Pfeifer, J. Haegeman, F. Verstraete, arXiv:1304.6112.

Both of which can be downloaded by selecting "other formats" and "download source" on arXiv.

Please note that this code is meant for illustrative purposes only.