Book recommendation tool utilizing Tastedive's API. Simply enter in a book you liked, and similar titles will be returned for your perusal. For use when browsing at Powell's or the library.
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Böokbag is a simple app. You tell it what you're reading and it gives you similar books for you to enjoy.

NAMES: The Bookbag team consists of Haley Tortorella, Andrew Potter, and Anwar Montasir.


The Bookbag team wishes to make reading simple and fun again. Options can be overwhelming! We want to make a single-page application that takes in a book title and returns books of similar nature, without social networking or shopping. The target is people who are already in a bookstore and want viable alternatives for books they like or are already considering. Our plan involves using the TasteDive API to search by book title and make recomendations for the reader. We will also include the option of saving books to a database for future reference.

With contributions by John Grillo