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MFiX-Exa: A multi-phase flow simulation tool based on MFiX-Classic, incorporating the massively parallel, block-structured adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) functionality of AMReX.
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This is the public face of the MFiX-Exa project.

The code for now lives at NETL; instructions for how to get access to the code will be given below.

This repo is designed to host the documentation, gallery of results, etc.


Do not push any edits to the gh-pages branch as these will be overwritten. Instead, commit your changes to the master branch, and the gh-pages branch will be updated automatially a few minutes later. The documentation source is in docs/source/ and the html source for the cover page is in docs/webroot/.


Whenever the online documentation is updated, a fresh doxygen will be generated also. Note that the configuration in docs/doxygen/doxygen.conf specifically prevent source code from being displayed. This is by design. If you want to create your own private doxygen containing the source code also, please configure and run the doc/ in your clone of the MFiX-Exa repo.

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