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Overview of AS-11 Specifications

For an overview of AMWA AS-11 Specifications refer to the AS-11 page on the AMWA website

Explaining the new AS-11 Specifications

AS-11 Specification Issues

See the Issue Tracker – this covers all AS-11 Specifications.

Sample MXF Files

Sample files that exemplify the AS-11 Rules-based Specifications:

Some other AMWA AS-11 Rules-based Specifications have a lot in common with AS-11 X1 & AS-11 X2, so these files might be of use to developers working with, for instance, AS-11 X3 or AS-11 X4 or AS-11 X9.

Online MXF Inspection Tool

:star: Updated tool & new link:star: (updated again 20 Oct 2016; link updated 22 June 2017) An experimental online tool has been made available which will instantly convert all the Header Metadata details in an MXF file on your machine to XML (no need to upload the entire MXF file). If the MXF file is an AMWA AS-11 file (either original or new AS-11 Specification) then the "interesting" file details are shown in a "friendly" format alongside the XML.

MXF Read / Write Implementation

The bmx library and some of its tools have been updated to support the AS-11 Rules-based Specifications. Refer to this for an example implementation as well as tools for reading and writing AS-11 MXF files.

Getting in touch

If you discover a technical issue with an AS-11 Specification please add an Issue.

If you're an AMWA member you can provide feedback and queries about AS-11 in the AS-11 Family Basecamp group.