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MXF Program Contribution - NABA DPP HD (MPEG-2)
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[Work In Progress] AS-11 X8 (MXF Program Contribution - NABA DPP HD (MPEG-2))

This repository contains the full details of this AMWA Specification. For the latest version of this repository please refer to its GitHub project.

Getting Started

The principal rendering / view of the Specification is a web page, AMWA_AS_11_X8.html, that contains contextual links to other files in this repository.

Specification Development and Implementation

Information on the further development and implementation of this and other AMWA AS-11 rules based Specifications are in a separate GitHub project. Examples include:

  • Issue tracking
  • Sample MXF files

Specification Change History

The full Specification history is available here. It is best to ignore changes to AMWA_AS_11_X8.html when examining the history of this repository (all the pertinent changes will be apparent in other files).

Full Repository Contents

  • -- This file
  • AMWA_AS_11_X8.html -- The principal rendering / view of the Specification.
  • specification_text_views/ -- Alternative renderings / views of the Specification as text-only files.
  • specification_data_files/ -- Data files (XML, Python, etc) that form a part of the Specification. These contain information which either: has not been fully expressed in the web or text renderings / views; or is potentially useful to Specification readers in independent machine-readable files. All sub-directories in this directory are linked-to from the web page in order to contextualise the information.
  • examples/xml_descriptive_metadata/ -- A directory of examples of XML Descriptive Metadata files that could be embedded in an MXF file compliant with this Specification.
  • LICENSE.txt -- Details the license terms under which this Specification is made available.
  • include/ -- A directory of files (images, JavaScript etc) required by the web page to be able to render correctly. These files are not directly useful to Specification readers.
  • githashes.json -- Contains information about how this package was built. This file might not be present.
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