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AMWA IS-04 NMOS Discovery and Registration Specification v1.3

Changes since v1.2.x:

  • Add additional network data for Nodes as required by IS-06
  • Deprecate mDNS announcements for Nodes in registered mode
  • Replace DNS-SD service type for Registration API
  • Permit deprecated Node API connection management to not be implemented
  • Add explicit requirements for 501 responses when features are not implemented
  • Add support for future device and transport types
  • Permit a Sender's 'manifest_href' to be null when the transport type does not require a transport file
  • Add 409 response code for registries with conflicting resources
  • Add support for signalling authorization requirements
  • Indicate potential for Source/Flow attributes and 'caps' to be defined externally in the future
  • Revise discovery process to ignore mDNS records when unicast records are available
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