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NMOS Specifications are created by activities within the AMWA Network Media Incubator project.

To date they have been Interface Specifications and Best Current Practice, given "IS-" and "BCP-" identifiers by AMWA.

The formal place to check on the status of AMWA specifications is the AMWA website. However the NMOS specifications themselves are currently held in repositories on GitHub, with HTML renders on GitHub Pages.

For convenience we provide appropriate links to the specifications and HTML renders on this wiki, and will ensure these stay up to date.

NMOS Specifications typically define APIs using RAML and JSON Schema, together with Markdown documents on their usage.

AMWA's specification process is described in BCP-001. See AMWA's specification page to access it.

What is required vs optional?

Some parts of NMOS specifications are optional, for example support for advanced queries. This is reflected in the API definitions and supporting text. Suggestions on how best to represent required vs optional parts (e.g. as a colour-coded table?) are welcome.

Additional Resources

The formal specifications share a number of common type definitions which identify constraints or capabilities. These are held separately in order to support extensibility:

  • AMWA NMOS Parameter Registers: repo doc
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